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Two ways of keeping warm

Well, it snowed a little today. I guess it’s good that I didn’t completely pack away all my warm stuff.

I’m finished the bodies of the mittens, and am almost finished the first thumb. I love how they get faster as you’re approaching the end.

Today, I went to a homebrewing store. (Someone got a kit for the holidays.) It was amazing how much it was like a knitting store: a lot of the little toys were even packaged in the same way. The clerks were a lot like knitting store clerks with the level of interest and wanting to share the details.

Cooking wort does make the whole house smell good in a different way than knitting does, though.

Level Three Mittens

So, the weather out here hasn’t been that cold this year. We’ve only had one spell in the low teens, and that was pretty brief.

During the Fall, I wore my Level One Mittens and hat: single layer mittens, hat with two strands of yarn held together. Around Rhinebeck time, I switched to the the Level Two parure my mom made: squirrel mittens with stranded colorwork and a hat with multiple layers over the ears. For normal winter weather, these are perfect.

Unfortunately, there have been some days when it’s been cold and wet. Wet mittens and hat just aren’t really warm. Then, on those rare days when the wind bites like a werewolf (I’ve been watching Breaking Dawn in Spanish to work on my use of pronouns and tenses.), one considers wearing both the Level One and the Level Two sets.

Enter the thrums.

Thrummed mitten

I’m making thrummed mittens for those nastiest of nastiest days.