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Finished Traveling Woman

IMG 4015

Ravelry Link Traveling Woman

Pattern: Traveling Woman

Yarn: Schaefer Anne

Needles: Size 4 circular

Size: Fingering weight extra large

Amount of yarn used: 98 grams

Source of Yarn: From my mother

Modifications: None, really.

Thoughts: This was my complicated knit for the summer I spent in Italy. I finally finished it almost two years later.

New shawl

IMG 0837

I’ve started on the Cheer Me Up shawl, using AB sapphire beads. I finished the Traveling Woman, and the Afghans for Afghans sweater just needs a little bit more on the button band, a collar, and ends woven in.

It’s a little ironic that I started Cheer Me Up right around when we sent the car off to car camp because of the helpful warning sign “Problem” and multiple red exclamation points. Where we live is very car-centric. Luckily, Caleb has ZipCar, so we can drive to air conditioning and errands occasionally.

It’s not all bad, though; here are Pico and Nano, our local rabbits:


Last knitting journey


This past weekend, I went to a cousin’s wonderful wedding. There was a lot of being a passenger, so I managed to finish the knitting. Today, with the assistance of many streaming episodes on pbs.org, I finished binding off. It’s amazing how much longer the edge seemed when being bound off than when being knitted.

I need to fix up an area where I had to drop an extra stitch (by pulling the extra yarn into the nearby stitches), weave in ends, and block.

Traveling again

So, I basically stopped working on Traveling Woman after coming back from Italy in Summer 2011. I’d stopped partway through the second row of the third repeat.

IMG 3960

I just got back from a trip to Italy, and I am now on the final chart. I would have gotten even farther if I hadn’t looked down and realized, on the plane home, that I’d made a mistake (a misplaced yarnover) on the plane from the airport. I had to drop back about twenty rows of one motif and work the whole section back up.

Here’s hoping I can get this finished before my next trip abroad! (None is planned.)

Progress, really!

I’ve now been living in my new abode for seventeen days and have managed to resist the siren call of Webs. Part of this is because, well, I had a lot of yarn that needed to be carried up to the third floor. I’m working on knitting down what I have. I do have a trip for something specific for a friend in mind in the future, though. I just need to refine my vision and actually finish something first.

Traveling Woman is coming along well. She has a plain triangle, four repeats of one lace chart, and then one larger chart for the border. crumpled red shawl

I’m done the plain section, the first two lace charts, and the first row and a half of the third. Unfortunately, lace being lace, it still looks pretty much the same.

Living near Webs

So, to recap:

In June, I left for two months in Italy.

In August, I returned. Less than a week later, I moved. Caleb and I are now living, well, let’s just say we’re within a stone’s throw of Webs, if your stone is small and light and your pitching arm is powerful.

I’m working on unpacking. There was knitting in Italy, but less than I had expected there would be; I was studying or just talking about Latin and Classics with people in the evenings and on the bus rides.

I did work on the Traveling Woman shawl during the longer bus rides. I think that I may have finished picking out the misplaced yarnovers from when people would make Classics jokes or I’d get so excited by seeing something I’d only read about that I’d make a mistake.

wadded up red lace shawl

I hope to be posting more soon.


Rome is great, but keeping me very busy. Internet access is spotty.  I get most of my knitting done in the bus as we ride to sites, and then, when I’m home, I’m doing readings, prepping for my paper/report, and labeling pictures.

Traveling Woman is coming along; my hope is to finish the plain part during our upcoming bus rides and get into the lace. I hope a lot of things, though.

IMG 2500


I finished the first Happy Sock on the way to the airport. The second is a bit short of the heel. Here it is hiding the Pantheon:

IMG 2196.

I hope I’ll be able to post more as the program goes on. I’m having a wonderful time, though.


Romeward bound

I’m bringing Traveling Woman and the Happy Socks as my active knitting, with two balls of sock yarn as backup.

I have Adamas kitted up at home with an extra ball of sock yarn for emergency purposes.

About to leave!