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Beads and compliments

Today, I was wearing my Starry Starry Rainbow. As I put it on, I was looking at the beaded edge and cast on, not entirely thrilled with what I’d done.

Four people today at work complimented me on it, with one asking if I knew where she could buy one like it.

Apparently, beads are more impressive than I’d thought.

I’d better knit faster on the Cheer Me Up.

IMG 0906

Finished Starry Starry

IMG 0738

Ravelry Link

Pattern: Starry Starry Night

Yarn: Kit from Ellen’s Half Pint (Christmas present)

Needles: Size 6

Size: Largest

Amount of yarn used:

About half of the ball

Modifications: I messed with the modifications so that the right side was the same for the lace and for the stockinette.

Thoughts: The beads are a nice touch. Mine didn’t really curve, though. The hardest part was definitely the casting on.

No pictures

No pictures today.

I starched the angel, and it’s drying. (Slowly. Very slowly.)

On Starry Starry, I’m over halfway through the last purl row. One lace row, and then the beaded bindoff. I figured out how to use a pin to pull the yarn through the bead, and am looking forward to trying something new.

Getting there

Aggressively rainbow scarf

The Starry Starry is nearly finished! I have a few more rows, then the beaded bindoff.

I brought it along to give blood today, but got deferred again for low iron count.



I’ve been working on this scarf, and the end is in sight!

It most definitely is a bright scarf.

I’m starting to think about what I should do once I’m finished it. I’m thinking about the Invisibility Shawl in my Graceful Place. It’s fun to daydream about what to knit.



Well, I’ve knitted three pairs of mittens this year. I do knit other things occasionally.

This is my Starry Starry; it’s now got enough stitches that I don’t have to fight the knitting around the curves of the needle.

I think that I may stop going for the aggressively rainbow yarns after this for a while.

Spring break was short; I got to see one of my cousins, which was fun. I was also working a lot at my other job and for some professional things, which made most of it not feel like a break. I did get to curl up with knitting and the rest of season 3 of Downton Abbey, which was good.

Not matching on purpose

IMG 3731

These socks are shocking.

This is the first pair of non-matching socks I’ve ever made. From my first pair, I worked to make sure that they matched. With these, since the first one stopped far enough along that the not matching should be obvious (I hope), I just gritted my teeth and knitted on.

I’m not a not matching kind of girl.

I think that I may use this yarn for my next pair of socks:


No pattern, nothing to match. Ahh.

Three provinces in five months

IMG 3711

This past weekend, the husband and I were at a wedding for one of his cousins in Vancouver. It’s a glorious city. This made three different provinces of Canada in five months.

We flew out right after I finished school on Friday and flew back on the redeye on Sunday night.

IMG 3728

I was able to use that plane time to get a bunch of knitting done. The Starry Starry is really coming along; I was able to switch it from using two needles to doing a magic loop on one.

Gray and cloudy skies do not help with jet lag.


I really seem to be going in blocks of color in my knitting. The In The Dark Socks and Juno were both in the purply-blue family. Now I’m working on the Rainbow High socks and am starting on the Starry Starry Night Shawl that my parents gave me in 2010.

Here’s the current sock:


And here’s the start of the cast-on for the shawl:

IMG 3684

(Oddly enough, it seems like casting on will be by far the most difficult part.)

I’m also starting on the Central Park Hoodie again, which makes me think that I’ll need some gray sock yarn.