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Happy Sherlockmas!

Happy Sherlockmas!

Episode One of Season Three of Sherlock airs on PBS tonight. I took a nap so I can stay awake until the end. I’m not the only knitter who is excited about this; Annie Modesitt is releasing yarn colorways inspired b Sherlock.

I’ve been cleaning today, but I finished the toe on the Princess socks. It doesn’t look quite like the other toe, but the sock seems to fit much better.

One of these socks is not like the other

One of these socks is not like the other.

IMG 0087

The one in back is about half an inch longer than the one in front.

I haven’t really worn them, since one didn’t fit correctly at all. It’s apparently not that my feet are freakish, but that I made a mistake in the knitting. I’m going to be fixing these up before I start my next pair of socks.

More socks

I went to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival today and got a lot of knitting done. More soon.

(Updated to fix a tag.)

Camping sock


I got a little bit of sock done while on a camping trip. (It was rather rainy, so there was a lot of playing card games inside the tent and reading.)

There’s a lot of driving this weekend, so it might actually be finished soon!


I’m turning the heel on the second Princess Sock at last.


Unfortunately, I forgot how to do a short row heel and had to rip back. I guess I’ve been working on the flap kind for too long.

The school year is winding down, but I’m working on some licensure/pdp stuff that looks like it will be kicking into high gear soon if all goes well. I’ve also got yarn on the way for a sweater for the Afghans for Afghans 500 sweater drive. It’s supposed to show up on Friday.


A lot of car time will get a bunch of sock done:

IMG 0713

(Sadly, it wasn’t exciting driving; it’s just a long drive to get errands done.) Most of it is definitely since Europe.

On Friday evening, we went to a Tim Eriksen concert (I got an inch in then.) He’s a local artist (he shops at the same Whole Foods as we do!) and does shape not and other similar styles of singing. His percussionist was playing a cymbal with a violin bow for a few songs, which produced a really spooky and chilling noise.

More knitting

Here’s the toe of the second Princess Sock:

IMG 0705

I hope that I can finish it over break.


So, I had a meeting yesterday that, what with the drive and all, tends to afford opportunities for fiber crafts. We’ve added a quilter to our numbers!

Since I’m lucky enough to be able to ride along with someone else, I finished the knitting on my first Princess sock:


I was talking to Caleb today about what I needed to do , and I said that I had to “bind off the top of my sock.” He thought I said “bite off the head of my sock” and thought I was going to, as the climax to a guitar solo, whip out a small sock puppet and bite off its head, like a knitting Ozzy Osbourne. He was relieved to hear that I meant finishing the top of the sock.

Back from the conference

Well, I had my big annual conference. There was a panel that I got together that included people from three very different phases of my life. It was really fun getting them all together and talking about Latin.

In between workshops and selling books, I got some knitting done.


I turned the heel on the sock and started the leg while at the conference. I’d originally started out with a 3×1 ribbing, but switched to a 2×2 this morning.

I’m looking forward to Easter, I have to say. March hasn’t been bad, but it’s been very long and full. I’m hoping to kick back and knit for a while in April.



The snow is melting, but there’s still a lot left.

It’s a busy time at work- my teaching job just finished a trimester, and my other main job is also in a busy period. This coming week, I have my big annual conference, where I’m giving a workshop and leading a panel. It’s been busy around here.

On the way to the hike this week (Peaked Mountain), though, I was able to start the heel on a sock.

Photo 1

It’s odd- I don’t have a project I’m absolutely on fire to start once I finish up what I have on the needles now. I have stuff I like and want to start, but noting I’m having to fight to keep from throwing over my current projects for.

(Although Nori does look sort of pretty…)