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Just need blocking and trimming

They’re cast off.

The ends are woven in.

They need to be blocked and have the ends trimmed.

IMG 2770

I may have a long car ride coming up. I’m getting out my red lace scarf.

Over halfway!

I’m over half done the casting off on First Lady’s shawl.

Getting there

IMG 0279

Here’s Kerry Blue, halfway through the row before the bindoff. I want to make sure that the two shawls are around the same size before binding off.

I’m working on Boundary Waters, but it’s still very small. Still, I’ve been concentrating on working on the other family fiber arts thing, so Boundary Waters should be faster once that’s done.

Second shawl

Kerry Blue casts off with a fancy edging on round 170. Yesterday, I knit row 169 onto a larger needle and broke the yarn. I then started Boundary Waters, the second shawl.

If I remember correctly, Kerry Blue was 30,276 stitches square at the end of row 169. By my calculations, at the end of row 171, Boundary Waters will be 29,584 stitches square. I’m on row 11 right now, so I’m .4% done.

When I was starting the second ball for Kerry Blue, I joined on from the middle of the ball. I keep forgetting that I should never work from the center of a center pull ball of lace yarn; it tangles too easily.

Picture of the shawl

It’s not done yet, but is close:


I’ve been working on finishing up school and a family project not related to the girls, as well as a solid five days in a row of houseguests, so it’s not quite there. I have to figure out if I should leave the last stitches undone and do the two shawls together or if that’s going too far.

A picture…

WIP t-shirt and flowers

I did say there would be a picture, but didn’t say it would be of the shawl.

There is a reason I’ve been working on the lace shawl so wholeheartedly; we’re having twin girls in August. Once I finish this shawl, I’ll be starting on one for my other daughter.

(For the record, the picture is several weeks out of date; I’m not sure I fit into that shirt any more.)

Picture tomorrow

I finished the pattern rows on the shawl; just plain and increase rows left.

Picture tomorrow.

Just under 90

I’m a little short of 90%. I’d probably be there except for a recent brilliant move.

The current section is a checkerboard with plain knitting alternating with yarn overs. I got most of the way through the first quadrant and noticed the new checkers weren’t offset.

I ripped back and fixed that.

Then, I got to the end of the quadrant and saw I had a leftover stitch.

Farther back, before the mistake I fixed, I’d made a different mistake.

Things are a lot easier when I get the pattern going right.

More progress

I’m at 86.6% done. Grading a bunch of the big projects from my students has really slowed me down a bit. I can’t knit and grade, since I’m needing to be able to flip through packets and type my comments, I can’t grade and eat because of allergens, and I can’t knit and eat because the white wool isn’t too friendly with PBJ.

Still, I’m on track to be finished by the end of the school year, so I should be able to start my next big project close to when I’d hoped.



I’m not quite to the end of the plain section yet, but it’s coming soon.