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Finished Juno

Scarf in window

Ravelry Link Juno Teleia

Pattern: Juno Regina Stole and Wrap

Yarn: Knit Picks Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace Yarn in Galaxy

Needles: Size 4 straights

Size: Larger size

Amount of yarn used: Just over two and a half skeins

Source of Yarn: Present from in-laws.

Modifications: I made the center section as long as I could bear, basically.

I really, really like it.

Big change!

Do you notice anything missing in this picture of Juno?

Finished Juno

It’s off the needles! I finished the point and cast off today. It’s in the washing machine now, and I hope to block it this afternoon. Then I just need to weave in the ends, and it should be done!


Caleb and I went to Kingston, ON; Toronto, ON; Niagara Falls; and the Finger Lakes this past week.

IMG 3672

I got a lot of knitting done in the car:

Second end of Juno

It’s amazing how much faster the knitting is when it’s in pattern instead of the plain rows. Part of that is that it’s now getting decreasing, but I think that part of it is that I can see the diamonds growing and want to keep working on it.

Beyond the middle

Since last week, I’ve been trying to get two rows in each day on Juno. I’m currently on row 9, so you can see how well that went.

The problem with this is that the pattern is really starting to come through. I’ve been starting to blog about it a couple of times and just keep thinking “Oh, I should wait a little longer.”

start of feather pattern

I’d planned on doing a lot of work on it on last Saturday, when we drove in to Massachusetts to visit a college friend. Unfortunately, I forgot the bag in the apartment. Fortunately, I ran back and got it. Unfortunately, I forgot the pattern and didn’t have the charts saved on my phone. Fortunately, I had my current sock in my bag and was able to get a lot done on that.

Teaching at my new school will be starting soon. I’ve got a really nice schedule, but I’m teaching some completely new age groups. It should be exciting, at least.

Inch by inch


This past weekend, we went to Shelburne Falls to poke around. These tulips were on the Bridge of Flowers.

On the way to and from, I got work done on Juno:


When the bobble in the tape measure is held flat, I have about an inch more than I did last time. Since then, I think I’ve done about another inch.

Brought back out

IMG 3404

I’m noting a certain color palette in my knits.

I pulled out Juno Regina a while back; I’m on the very long middle section. The shawl as a whole is supposed to be 80 inches long. The fancy end is 14 inches long. I currently have 42 inches of scarf, and feel as if I’ve wandered into a math textbook.

(It seems then that I have 38 inches of knitting left, of which 24 are plain. I’ve done 28 inches of plain so far, so I’m over halfway there!)

I worked on this last weekend at the Big Broadcast concert, a reconstruction of a 1940s radio show, with big band songs, ads, and so on.

Unfortunately, although I have a chunk of car time coming up, I have to do the driving, so I won’t be able to knit during the trip. I wish that there were better public transportation.