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Finished Hug

Pink lace scarf

Ravelry Link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/lanamfacio/cats-paw-scarf

Pattern: Cat’s Paw Scarf.

Yarn: Peppermint (9355) Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud.

Needles: Size four needles, started on old ones, and then moved to my lovely Signatures.

Size: Goal was 8×60.

Amount of yarn used: Just under a skein; about 400 yards.

Source of Yarn: My mom.

Modifications: I used the pattern in the link, but resized it.

Thoughts: It was a lovely piece, and the yarn was great. I even got to break out my blocking wires for the first time!

No Letter of the alphabet

It’s amazing how much faster four repeats are when they’re the last four repeats.

I finished the Hug, washed it, blocked it, and packed it. No pictures until it arrives for its new owner. I even used my blocking wires for the first time!

I started working on my Kauni sweater again; Mom is breezing along on hers, and, since I’m spending two months in Rome, I feel I should work on the sweater if I’m goign to have ti done for Rhinebeck.


The problem with knitting and grading is that I keep translating the percent completed into grades. I have an A- in knitting the Hug.

The weather has been glorious here recently, but I’ve got a bad cold.

In other news, I’m watching “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Netflix. It makes me remember going to see it in New York in 1995, and seeing Victoria Clark (my favorite Broadway actress) as Smitty. It’s amazing how different different versions of the same work can be.

(Also, Mom- Victoria Clark is playing Maggie Smith in Sister Act on Broadway. Road Trip?)


I’m up to 85%! Here’s hoping I have some creative ways to pose it for the last 15%.

Her name was Rhonda. She was a mushroom.

smelly mushroom log


This is the last picture of Rhonda.  Caleb checked up on her, and, well, we hadn’t apparently gotten all of the mold.  He saved her, though, for one last picture.


I got a lot of knitting done, though; I’m up to 41″.


We have our first minimushrooms!

close up of mushroom bud

Rhonda is a compressed piece of organic material and mushroom spores. Caleb and I got her at a farmers’ market a few weeks back. She’s supposed to grow shiitake mushrooms.

She lives in the kitchen, and needs to be sprayed with water and fanned several times a day to help get rid of CO2. (Well, Caleb says she needs to be fanned. I think he may just be amused by watching me fan a lump of mushroom dirt. I know I’m amused doing it.)

I think I may need to move into full blown mycoblogging instead of knitblogging. I’m up to 37″, though, on the Hug.

Soaking Rhonda

We soaked Rhonda today.

shiitake mushroom log

(Rhonda is our shiitake mushroom lump.)

Here’s hoping she’ll be fruitful and tasty!

There would be a picture of the Hug, but I realized earlier this week that I’d made a mistake a few inches back. I pulled it out, fixed it, and reknit. This means I should be about three or four inches ahead of where I am. I’m not sure that it’s even longer than it was in the last post.

I’m keeping working on it, though, and am really enjoying it.


I’ve made some good progress on the Hug and am over 60%.


I spent the weekend at a professional conference, but ended up talking about Signature needles to another Latin teacher. I love when my favorite things overlap.

Over halfway there!

I’m over halfway through knitting the hug now! It’s long enough that it really feels like a scarf.

45% (Now with extra added yarn!)

I hit the 27″ mark over the weekend, so the Hug is coming along nicely. I even had to wind up the second hank of yarn; I’m almost at the end of the first.

While I had the skeinwinder and nostepinne out, I also wound up a hank of yarn my parents gave me for my thirtieth birthday.

Multicolored sock yarn

Yarn on winder

It’s very happy yarn. I’m looking forward to knitting it up.