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Finished Goth Socks

IMG 0014
Ravelry Link Goth Socks

Pattern: Fingering Weight Toe Up Sock with Slip Stitch Heel (link to a pdf)

Yarn: Knitpicks Felici in Goth

Needles: Size 1

Size: 64 stitches

Amount of yarn used: 305 yards/70 g.

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: Used the Jeny Bindoff.

More socks

I’m spending a great Thanksgiving with my family. My dad, mom, and I used ten pounds of flour in two days.

Goth Socks

My extended family gets together at a rented house for the holiday. There’s lots of knitting, game playing, and fun.

Even after the zombie apocalypse, there’s still knitting

It was fun finally finding out the name of Lucy and Violet’s skating hats. I always thought they were so chic.

So, the Zombies Run 5K has an extended series of knitting jokes in one episode. I was having a tough run that day, but ended up being really amused.

I’ve finished the first Goth Sock and am starting the second. Getting the stripes lined up is reminding my why my last two pairs of socks (or four, depending on how one counts) were from more space-dyed yarns.

Zombies haven’t gotten me yet


As well as working on the running, I’m also taking a class in Old English. I pulled out the Goth Socks to knit during class break, and found out that there were other knitters in the class as well.

Music and socks


On the third, Caleb and I went to the Falcon Ridge Folk festival. My freshman year college roommate is now a professional folk singer, and, after ascertaining that she didn’t have a song ‘My Horrible Freshman Roomie,” we saw her and said hi after her performance. On the way to the festival, I finished the Princess socks and then started these socks. Because I was engaged in a horrible struggle with the Honeycomb scarf (I had no idea how many errors I could make in a four stitch repeat), I got a lot of the foot done.

On Sunday the eleventh, we saw Darlingside and Joy Kills Sorrow at the Iron Horse. I turned the heel completely during the show.

Folk music really works well for knitting.

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More socks

I went to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival today and got a lot of knitting done. More soon.

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