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Finished Object: Central Park Hoodless Hoodie

IMG 3785

Ravelry Link: CPH

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Heather Gray

Buttons:La Mode 24787

Needles: 9 and 8 straights

Size: Either 36 or 40 (the perils of not writing it down!)

Amount of yarn used: 550 g

Source of Yarn: Pollywogs booth, Rhinebeck, 2010

Modifications: Left off hood.

Thoughts: The sleeves are a little tight, but the body fits nicely. I think that this will do the job well.

The weather and the knitting

I have the bands knitted for the Central Park Hoodie and am setting the first sleeve. All that’s left are sewing up the second sleeve, sewing in the second sleeve, weaving in the ends, and sewing on the buttons that I finally got.

Because of the hurricane, I don’t have school tomorrow. I may yet finish this by the end of October!

(From here, I’ll let myself move on to the sweater that I bought yarn for at Rhinebeck.)

Must knit even faster…

It’s getting cold here, and, because I weeded my clothes to get rid of things I wear rarely, I had three warmth layer choices: a ratty black fleece I’ve been wearing for at least three years (probably six), my college hoodie (fraying at the cuffs and not appropriate for school), and my fisherman sweater (which doesn’t play well with my habit of leaning against whiteboards while I teach). (I also have my Rosedale and Kauni, but they’re not exactly the most versatile pieces.)

I bought a fleece that isn’t fraying at the cuffs and going bald at the elbows, and am frantically working on finishing CPH. Unfortunately, I was thwarted in my attempt to buy buttons before Columbus Day. I also managed to pick up stitches on the buttonhole band side before the button band side, which sets my teeth on end.

Last night, though, I marked the buttonholes and made them (The Original One Row Buttonhole (Horizontal) on p. 116 of The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques (Yes, I know that this isn’t the nicest buttonhole in the history of the world, but it had been a long and unpleasant day, and my carer was broken.)

Someday, I’ll finish my warm sweaters in September.

Finishing the Hat

Well, I finished the knitting on the hat. Tonight I’ll weave in the ends and block it.

The Central Park Hoodie is coming along; I sewed up one shoulder and side, and it looks like it will fit. I have a hard time judging the right finished size on sweaters, but I’d really compared this one to my favorite fleece.


I really seem to be going in blocks of color in my knitting. The In The Dark Socks and Juno were both in the purply-blue family. Now I’m working on the Rainbow High socks and am starting on the Starry Starry Night Shawl that my parents gave me in 2010.

Here’s the current sock:


And here’s the start of the cast-on for the shawl:

IMG 3684

(Oddly enough, it seems like casting on will be by far the most difficult part.)

I’m also starting on the Central Park Hoodie again, which makes me think that I’ll need some gray sock yarn.


Well, between 23 and 28 December, my husband drove at least 28 hours. We went from Massachusetts to Delaware to North Carolina to Pennsylvania to Massachusetts.

That got me a lot of time for knitting. I did the neckband and the button band (but not the buttonhole band) for Kauni. I finished up the sleeves on the Central Park. I finished the Rainbow Rome socks.

Luckily, my parents gave me some sock yarn for Christmas, so I was able to start on what I’m now calling the In the Dark Socks. Why the name? Well, I started knitting them in Connecticut in the dark. They felt right and the stitches counted out correctly. I checked them from time to time in the headlights of another car, but I don’t really know what they look like. The yarn was very pretty in the ball, though.

Pictures to come soon.


Well, not that long after my last post, as it was snowing, we lost power.

We were lucky; we lost power late on Saturday and had it back on Monday afternoon. Other people in the area still don’t have power almost a week later.

We didn’t get Internet back until pretty late on Thursday. On Friday, we spent the day back in Providence, running a pub quiz and catching up on some things from our old lives.

So, as you may guess, I’m sort of behind on things happening online. I did get a pair of mittens knit, and I have made some progress on the Central Park Hoodie.

CPH fronts

If you see any problems with the cables, please point them out.

It was a long, long week.

Knit Fast. Die Warm.

The Harlot had a picture of someone with the tattoo of ‘Knit Fast. Die Warm.’ That’s pretty cool.

I finished the back of the CPH:

CPH back

Please tell me if you see any problems with the cables.

Today, as Caleb drove us to Ikea, I finished the front ribbing and started on the cables:

CPH fronts

I’m cherishing vague hopes of wearing the sweater this winter.

Speaking of winter, it is distinctly snowing here in Western MA. The road in front of our house is pretty clear (it’s been plowed rather frequently), but the parking lot across the street is definitely getting some snow to stick. We have about an inch or two, I’d say, falling in large, lovely flakes like angels’ feathers.

More like the Harlot

Well, my mom made me realize that there was a cable error in the last picture. It’s fixed, I hope, and I’ve finished the back.

Unlike the Harlot, though, I ripped back instead of cutting; I wasn’t that far above the cable.

Her Gwen is finished, so I hope that I too will be able to move on.


It’s oddly comforting to read about the Harlot’s travails with her Rhinebeck sweater. If even the Harlot has problems with finishing things when planned, then it must be OK for we mere mortals to have similar problems.

I haven’t touched Kauni since coming back from Rhinebeck. The steeks need to be cut and the bands need to be picked up and knit. The past two and a half weeks I’ve been doing some sub/temp work that’s been pretty draining, so I’ve just been working on the relatively straightforward Central Park Hoodie. Today, I finished the shaping for the bottom of the armholes:

CPH back

It’s amazing how quickly this is coming along, as I’ve said before. I have vague hopes that I might be able to wear it this winter.

In other news, my brother ran in Run For Your Lives today. It apparently was rather epic, at least in terms of mud. My sister-in-law was live tweeting the whole thing.