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Finished Cheer Me Up

IMG 0052

IMG 0055

Ravelry Link Cheer Me Up

Pattern: Cheer Me Up

Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow Tonal in Deep Waters

Needles: 7 straights

Amount of yarn used: 44g/387 yards

Modifications: None

Thoughts: I really like this. The beads give it a nice sparkle and the size and shape work well.

Finished things

The snow was about 4-6″, but with some strong layers in it when I was cleaning off the car.

I finished up weaving in the ends on both the Cheer Me Up and the Thanksgiving mittens. I’ve started on a hat and mittens for the very cold weather coming up.

Snow and blocking

Unfortunately, the snow seems to have gotten heavier at the same time that night fell, so I don’t know how much snow there is. It looks like there is a fair amount accumulating, though.

I’m blocking Cheer Me Up now.

IMG 0025

I’m also close to finishing my socks and the pair of mittens I started as Thanksgiving knitting. Considering that there are supposed to be single digit lows this coming week, I think I may be about to start an extremely warm hat.

Sound of knitting

I spent the evening watching the live Sound of Music on DVR and knitting short rows.

When I was a freshman in high school, my cousin was Maria in Sound of Music at her high school. My family drove up to see her. She was amazing; I think she was definitely better than Carrie Underwood.

The short rows are done and I’m casting off on the shawl. I hope I’ll have it finished by the upcoming storm; I’d love to take final pictures of it on the snow.

Working plain

I’ve moved on from the beads to just the pattern and now to the shortrow section.


It’s really looking sparkly and lovely. It’s nice to have now that the days are so short and gloomy.

More knitted

Beaded border

It’s looking pretty impressive whenever I pull it out of the bag now. I’ve just got one more beaded row and a few more pattern rows, then I’m into the plain shortrows.

Blue beads and blue jeans

Cheer Me Up

Even though I didn’t bring this along on my trip (I started the Kernel because I figured that beads aren’t plane knitting), I’ve still managed to make progress on it. I’ve finished row 19 since taking this picture, and so there are only about three beaded rows left. It’s really pretty. I’m hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving, but realize that might be a bit ambitious.

I’ve been shopping for jeans again, which has meant that it feels as if I’ve tried on every pair of jeans in Colorado and Western Massachusetts. Why can’t women’s jeans be like men’s jeans, and made out of actual denim instead of navy blue stretch fabric? And why do men’s jeans fit better than the supposedly curvy fit women’s? And how is it that jeans no longer fit my knees, of all places on my body?

I’m going to probably have another pair custom made and may end up trying again to make a pair.

So pretty

I’ve been diligently working on the Cheer Me Up shawl. Because of the beads, it hasn’t really been something I can take places. Luckily, Caleb is watching a lot of baseball these days, so I’ll hang out in the evenings with him if I’m not sewing and will knit.

It’s so pretty:

Beaded lace edging

Beads and compliments

Today, I was wearing my Starry Starry Rainbow. As I put it on, I was looking at the beaded edge and cast on, not entirely thrilled with what I’d done.

Four people today at work complimented me on it, with one asking if I knew where she could buy one like it.

Apparently, beads are more impressive than I’d thought.

I’d better knit faster on the Cheer Me Up.

IMG 0906

School and lace

I made it through the first week of school.

I celebrated today by knitting for a while:


The beads are really pretty on this.