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Thanksgiving with my family was wonderful.

Some of us did a Polar Bear Wade:

Polar Bear Wade

There was a lot of knitting. My mom taught me to crochet so I could finally make the border on Charlotte’s Web. An aunt and cousin were knitting a lot there as well.

On the way home, Caleb and I stopped in Providence. I worked on my sock at the NCAA game that decided who would go into the Elite Eight in men’s soccer (Brown lost 3-2 in overtime).


I was sitting next to a rather young boy who was hoping that the game would end as soon as possible so he could go and get dinner. He did like my sock, though.

More updates on the knitting will come later this week. The current excitement in my life is that the road in front of the house is being repaved.

New toe

I finished the first sock of the pair while riding around as we were picking up family members for our grand holiday gathering.

My mom is teaching me to crochet so I can finally finish my Charlotte’s Web.