Two posts in a month!

So, it’s been hard finding time to knit. I’ll knit in a car or a bus if I’m a passenger. I’ll try to knit after the girls are in bed or when they nap, but there’s always laundry or grading or other things like that I feel I should be doing.

Purl carefully 24421545890 o

I found a way to get time to knit today. First Lady, as often happens, woke up early and cranky. I took her out of her crib so she wouldn’t fuss and wake Matriarch. I grabbed my knitting and sat down in the beanbag chair, holding her. She snuggled in and fell asleep, leaving me pinned for an enjoyable chunk of knitting.

Happier new year!

IMG 4276

The first sock is finished; I cast it off on our way to our first day hike. I’ve started casting on for the second.

Happy new year!

Well, I finished two beautiful lace shawls this year, which is a pretty big accomplishment. I then sewed handmade Advent calendars for the girls, which should be fun for them for years to come.

I’ve also started on a scarf for me (Blue Skies) and have almost finished one of a pair of socks. Good thing too, since after two weeks less than two years of no completed new socks, I’m starting to wear through the ball of the foot on a lot of pairs. I’m not going to darn there, since it’s a huge chunk of space. Time to knit more for me!

And now for something different

I’m almost finished making an Advent calendar for each girl. I should be able to trim the threads today and I’ll pin the ornaments on this year instead of sewing on hooks so I can get the placement right.

That took up most of my craft time in early November.

I’m now, though, working on those rainbow socks for me (and high time; a lot of my handknit socks are starting to wear out not at the toe or at the heel, but across the ball of the foot. It’s not a really darnable spot, so I’ll be having spots open up for new socks.

On the Thanksgiving trip, during the driving, I worked on this scarf for myself.
IMG 3949

It alternates a rainbow stripe with a gray stripe. I like it.

Are you enjoying it?

(Written on 10/22/2015; posted on October 23, 2015)

Last night, I was working on sewing down the 78 digits that label the pockets of the girls’ Advent calendars. I’m almost a third of the way done, which is exciting, since this is the biggest part of the calendars left.

I was madly zig-zagging green felt numbers and telling Caleb about this, and he asked ‘Are you having fun?’

I wasn’t, actually. The project as a whole is fun; I like that I’ll be making them the calendars and think that they’ll enjoy having them. I’m using fusibles, which I haven’t really done before, and I like that. Sewing the numbers on isn’t fun, but it’s something I’m doing in service of something larger and fun.

Today, for complicated reasons, I’m at school but the students aren’t. I’m not scheduled to do anything, but, at any time, I might be called in to do something. I’m working on getting caught up on planning, making progress on my professional development goals, and just taking time to catch my breath without listening for a baby to wake up.

I’m also thinking about what I’m doing, ostensibly for fun, that is and isn’t fun.

I really do want to get the calendars finished. I figure that the girls will accept anything started this year as having been done from time immemorial. My Halloween costume is almost done and will be fun both for work and playgroup.

Beyond that, I’m knitting the Zombies scarf and a pair of socks for me. (Someone saw me knitting the lacy scarf and asked if it was for the girls, and was surprised when I said I was knitting for myself.) I like them, but I’ll be happy to be on to my next projects. (That Periwinkle Sheep Wink yarn is really calling my name.) Once the calendars are sewn, I either want to sew some running clothes for me or a red knit dress to wear with the scarf I’ll knit from the Periwinkle Sheep.

IMG 3481

I do have some more distant plans for sewing and knitting for the girls, but am looking forward to doing some things for myself. There is a Zombies, Run! hat…

The finest fleece Old Navy can offer…

So, the hope is that First Lady and Matriarch will be able to join the throngs at Rhinebeck. If they do go, they will be fully kitted out in the finest fleece Old Navy can offer (if we can find First Lady’s other mitten). Yes, I know I should knit for them. Until pretty recently, though, we weren’t sure what the weather would be like and they’re on a pretty big growth spurt, it seems.

Twins in fleece

(Matriarch is in pink, and First Lady is in white.)

Also, I’ve made them Halloween costumes and am working on my matching one, sewed covers for their shawls to protect them in the cedar chest, and am working on sewing them advent calendars. And I’ve got reaccreditation at work, am working on a journal article and certifications, am working three days a week, getting ready for four 5K runs by the start of December, and still keeping the house running.

If we are living somewhere that we’d be able to get to Rhinebeck 2016, we’ll see about hats. Or earwarmers, at least. I do feel guilty when their singleton friends with knitting mothers have cute handknits. Of course, when I teach them to knit, our production will really go up!

Selfish socks

I’ve been poking away on knitting myself a pair of socks:

sock toe

However, there is no set deadline on when they have to be done. I’ve decided that, even though my mother and I (possibly accompanied by First Lady and Matriarch) are going to Rhinebeck, I’m not doing a Rhinebeck project.

The big deadlines are Halloween costumes for First Lady, Matriarch, and me (18 October, for Twins Group), and finishing the big Advent Calendars I’m sewing them. Those are coming along, but it takes a long time to get all the letters traced, let alone cut and appliqued. Caleb and I have also started playing one of our favorite card games in the evening now that we actually still have some energy when the girls are in bed.

So, knitting for myself has been something I snatch in little crumbs when I can’t do other things. I’m happy I’m getting this much done.

Finished Kerry Blue


Ravelry Link Kerry Blue

Pattern: Kerry Blue

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare

Needles: Size 3

Amount of yarn used: 108 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: I used the Haruni bindoff.


A strong shawl for a strong girl.

Finished Boundary Waters

Boundary Waters

Ravelry Link Boundary Waters

Pattern: Boundary Waters

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare

Needles: Size 3

Amount of yarn used: 104 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: I used the Haruni bindoff.


A beautiful shawl for a beautiful girl.

Just need blocking and trimming

They’re cast off.

The ends are woven in.

They need to be blocked and have the ends trimmed.

IMG 2770

I may have a long car ride coming up. I’m getting out my red lace scarf.