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Well, yesterday was a snow day. Today’s a snow day, but I wasn’t scheduled to work today. It’s a good thing we have it off; the street we drive on to get to the front of the house has about six inches of snow on it (update: at 8:17 AM a plow went down it).

The Knitpicks package has been waiting at the post office since some time yesterday. It’s unclear if it was being held for pickup or if they just didn’t deliver it yesterday. It’s as if the yarn is taunting me.

I finished up last week’s snow day mittens and have started on a new pair.

For Passion Only

I love knitting mittens. I’m currently on my eighth pair since November of 2013. (Yes, today was a snow day, so these will be the mittens for it.)

Sometimes, though, as I go through them, I start thinking about beautiful lace shawls with complicated charts. I remember that the Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace used to talk about how knitting lace was that Helen’s only activity “for passion only” instead of practicality.

I may be getting a lot of lace yarn soon.

Rhinebeck Rhecap 2013

It was a great Rhinebeck. My mom and I got to hang out with my aunt and cousin. We watched the leaping llamas, which was surprisingly fun.

Early on, though, I pulled my sock out to knit while I was walking around and found this:

Saddest thing

One of my needles had gone missing at the conference on Saturday. I was at Rhinebeck, though, so how hard could it be to find a new set of sock needles?

Very, apparently. I use #1 double-pointed metal needles. I cruised through a bunch of the barns and was surprised that I could only find large metal needles; sock-sized ones were in bamboo.

I told my mom this, and she dug through every single package of double-pointed needles in the shops we walked by and got me the one set in all of Dutchess County as a surprise. I have the best mom ever.

IMG 0956

This is most of what we got at Rhinebeck. My mom also bought her sister a kit as a present.

The teal yarn is my mom’s, for a present. The gray and silver yarn is from Periwinkle Sheep; I’ve wanted it for two years now, and so preordered it. The other yarn is for a scientific experiment: my aunt, cousin, and I each bought a different color and will be knitting them up so we can see what effect the color has on the outcome. My mom is the control; she didn’t buy some of the matching yarn.

It was a great day.

Yarn arrival

Summer Sweater yarn

The yarn order from Knitpicks arrived on Thursday. That evening, I cast on for a raglan in size 32 with the Delft Heather yarn for the 500 Sweaters campaign for Afghans for Afghans.

On Friday, as I worked on the setup before class, I polled the middle school girls as to whether a pullover or a cardigan was the way to go, since they’re the target age. It was interesting- the sixth and seventh grade girls slightly favored a pullover over ‘well, it’s a complicated question,’ with only one cardigan vote. All the eighth grade girls, though, voted en bloc for a cardigan (although some opined that the unanimity might have just been because ‘cardigan’ is a fun word to say).

There was some other AfA yarn in there, as well as a skein of lace for a shawl for me and a skeing of Mixed Berries so I can finally finish the stray sock.