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Amazingly, not a Saturday

Lace shawl start

I’m at about seven and a half percent now. I got off the double points and onto the circular, which makes it feel a little faster.

Somewhat knitting related

Yesterday, my last day of school before April Vacation, I think I left the pattern for Kerry Blue at school. Luckily, this was the fancy pattern portfolio from KnitPicks with the marked up copy of the pattern. I have the book and the scan at home, and, since I’ve been obsessively calculating the area I’ve knit so far, was able to figure out where I was pretty quickly. (I’m now on row 86, so, by my calculations, I’m 26% done.

When I went in to my (non-teaching) job today, the car had ice on the windshields. It was a light layer, but I’m ready for the winter to stop.


Well, yesterday was a snow day. Today’s a snow day, but I wasn’t scheduled to work today. It’s a good thing we have it off; the street we drive on to get to the front of the house has about six inches of snow on it (update: at 8:17 AM a plow went down it).

The Knitpicks package has been waiting at the post office since some time yesterday. It’s unclear if it was being held for pickup or if they just didn’t deliver it yesterday. It’s as if the yarn is taunting me.

I finished up last week’s snow day mittens and have started on a new pair.

Finished Very Warm Hat


Ravelry Link Very warm hat

Pattern: Major Knitter’s A Super-Duper-Very-VERY Warm Hat

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tonal in Blue Violet

Needles: 7, dp and circular

Size: The hat is supposed to be eight wedges of eleven stitches each. Because I have a big head and wear my hair pinned up, I enlarged it to 13 or 14 in each section. It’s a little loose (I probably would have been OK with 12 or 13 in each), but it’s very warm.

Amount of yarn used: 151 g

Thoughts: IT is incredibly warm. I just wore it to the post office, and, although it was 11 F (-6 F with windchill), I stayed warm the whole walk.

One track knitting

The low predicted for Friday is negative nine degrees F. Tomorrow’s low is a comparatively balmy 6 degrees F, but there’s supposed to be a rather epic storm hitting later tonight. Some of the area schools are closed for Thursday and Friday already.

I’ve got the hat done up to the decreases.

IMG 0010

Caleb looked at it while I was knitting it and asked what I was knitting; he wasn’t sure if it was a hat and I’d missed stopping or if I’d decided to knit myself a sleeping bag.

Knit faster

My life is a constant tension between two weather websites: NOAA and (On my phone, I use the Yahoo weather app, but that’s not as high stakes.

NOAA wants to make sure that what it says is correct. There is no amount of snow forecast for Thursday, and it’s listed as just a 70% chance., though, does the weather prediction equivalent of running around with its hands in the air while shrieking “Flee! Flee while you can!” It’s currently calling for 6-9 inches of snow during the day on Thursday, with no percentages.

Both sites agree, though, that it’s going to be cold at the end of the week. Exact details are still shifting around, but it’s supposed to be below zero degrees F.

I’m working on knitting Major Knitter’s Super Duper Very VERY Warm Hat.


It looks odd right now, but it will have four luxurious layers over my dainty ears. I’ve been trying it on, and it contains my head and my hair!

I have eleven inches of hat now, with eight more to go before I start the end decreases.

Finished things

The snow was about 4-6″, but with some strong layers in it when I was cleaning off the car.

I finished up weaving in the ends on both the Cheer Me Up and the Thanksgiving mittens. I’ve started on a hat and mittens for the very cold weather coming up.

Finished Calorimetry

Finished Calorimetry

Ravelry Link Calorimetry


Calorimetry, Knitty 2006

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride

Needles: 9 straights

Size: One Size

Amount of yarn used: 65 g.

Source of Yarn: Rhinebeck- Pollywogs.

Modifications: None.

Thoughts: I have a large head, and didn’t need the full length. I think it could size down easily. Very warm and nice for running.


Last Sunday, Caleb and I saw the Richard Thompson concert in Northampton. I’m a much happier concert-goer if I have my knitting or something else to do with my hands, and I was almost finished my sock, which was worrying.

IMG 0920

So, I started a Calorimetry, the over the top of the head scarf from Knitty that looks like the little hats that Lucy and Violet wore in Peanuts in the 1950s. It’s knitting up surprisingly quickly, but the weather has warmed up enough that I might not need it until after it’s done.

Knitting lace

It’s bad weather for New England when you walk into a room, think how refreshingly cool it is, and realize it’s 90 degrees that seems so cool.

I’ve knitted enough on the Cheer Me Up that it’s almost exactly back where it was before I had to rip it out.