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My knitting mojo did return

I finished one knitted project so far in 2017. I’m starting to pick up again on my old projects, but the combination of the move, inactivity, and toddlers means that there are a lot of needles pulled out.

Here’s hoping it’s back

My Knitpicks order has shipped. Here’s hoping my knitting mojo is back…

Afghans for Afghans is back!

Any ideas for how to rehome spinning fiber and yarn?

It’s been a tough few weeks. We’re probably moving in about six weeks, so I’m frantically destashing things that I haven’t touched since we moved into this apartment, things with bad memories, and things I know I’m not going to use.

But, today I got good news: Afghans for Afghans is back!

Are you enjoying it?

(Written on 10/22/2015; posted on October 23, 2015)

Last night, I was working on sewing down the 78 digits that label the pockets of the girls’ Advent calendars. I’m almost a third of the way done, which is exciting, since this is the biggest part of the calendars left.

I was madly zig-zagging green felt numbers and telling Caleb about this, and he asked ‘Are you having fun?’

I wasn’t, actually. The project as a whole is fun; I like that I’ll be making them the calendars and think that they’ll enjoy having them. I’m using fusibles, which I haven’t really done before, and I like that. Sewing the numbers on isn’t fun, but it’s something I’m doing in service of something larger and fun.

Today, for complicated reasons, I’m at school but the students aren’t. I’m not scheduled to do anything, but, at any time, I might be called in to do something. I’m working on getting caught up on planning, making progress on my professional development goals, and just taking time to catch my breath without listening for a baby to wake up.

I’m also thinking about what I’m doing, ostensibly for fun, that is and isn’t fun.

I really do want to get the calendars finished. I figure that the girls will accept anything started this year as having been done from time immemorial. My Halloween costume is almost done and will be fun both for work and playgroup.

Beyond that, I’m knitting the Zombies scarf and a pair of socks for me. (Someone saw me knitting the lacy scarf and asked if it was for the girls, and was surprised when I said I was knitting for myself.) I like them, but I’ll be happy to be on to my next projects. (That Periwinkle Sheep Wink yarn is really calling my name.) Once the calendars are sewn, I either want to sew some running clothes for me or a red knit dress to wear with the scarf I’ll knit from the Periwinkle Sheep.

IMG 3481

I do have some more distant plans for sewing and knitting for the girls, but am looking forward to doing some things for myself. There is a Zombies, Run! hat…

Selfish socks

I’ve been poking away on knitting myself a pair of socks:

sock toe

However, there is no set deadline on when they have to be done. I’ve decided that, even though my mother and I (possibly accompanied by First Lady and Matriarch) are going to Rhinebeck, I’m not doing a Rhinebeck project.

The big deadlines are Halloween costumes for First Lady, Matriarch, and me (18 October, for Twins Group), and finishing the big Advent Calendars I’m sewing them. Those are coming along, but it takes a long time to get all the letters traced, let alone cut and appliqued. Caleb and I have also started playing one of our favorite card games in the evening now that we actually still have some energy when the girls are in bed.

So, knitting for myself has been something I snatch in little crumbs when I can’t do other things. I’m happy I’m getting this much done.


IMG 2440

The knitting is done on Matriarch’s shawl. I’ll follow my mom’s suggestion and cast off with the Haruni picot edge, then do the same for First Lady’s. If things are calm and naps (ha!) and sleep (double ha!) go well, there’s an outside chance I may have the shawls finished by their birthday. 

Small Human Being Sewalong: Ergo strap covers


So, now that the conference is over, I’ve been sewing and knitting more. The weather has improved, so the husband and I are taking Matriarch and First Lady out more and more. He uses an Ergo when he carries them; I sometimes use an Ergo, but also like the Moby and K’Tan. 

The Ergos aren’t supposed to be washed in the machine, and First Lady has been gnawing and spitting up all over, so I made these covers to try to keep things cleaner. They also make great emergency spit cloths!

The fabric is some thick napkins we had; I cut around the tired parts. His Ergo is brown and most of my leftover fabric goes with black or gray, so these were a good find. 

I have a nursing nightgown mostly assembled now; I’d hoped to finish it before they were born, but that was another thing I was going to work on those last two months of my pregnancy, which ended up being after they were born. 

Shawl picture


It won’t be finished, but it’s still pretty.

An actual picture!

IMG 0226

I’m a few rows away from finishing the second design band.

No more snow

It took far too long to find the black yarn, but the mittens are back on track.

We dodged a snowstorm this week. I hope it’s the last possible snow day for a while.