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IMG 6461

We moved to a very Southern state this month. I haven’t gotten much knitting in; I built these learning towers for the hooligans and have been putting things away and building furniture. Hopefully things will be calmer soon.

Sill more Kerry Blue

I just got back from my big conference. 

I was lucky enough to be catching a ride there, and I brought along my mittens to finish. I figured I could bang out the first one and the second one on the way there, then work on Kerry Blue on the way home. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the black yarn for the stripes, which really stopped that short. 

On the plus side, though, I got a lot of Kerry Blue done.

New Project

So, I finished the Couch to 5K training this week.

One of the things mentioned in one of the episodes is that some runners wear red scarves.

I bought three skeins of Koigu at my first Rhinebeck (in 2004!) to make a Rockstar scarf. I was young and impressionable.

I ripped out the scarf and decided to use it to make Kernel, which I’d been wanting to make for at least three years.


I’m knitting both ends first (the end end is grafted on) so I can knit until I run out of yarn.

It’s more purple than red, but I like to think of it as my runner scarf.

Rhinebeck tomorrow!

I survived my conference. It felt really strange not to be at the Saugerties Zombie shamble tonight.

You gotta know when to fold them

Well, I kept on fighting with the Honeycomb shawl during our vacation to Canada. I mostly got the pattern down, but just wasn’t liking it. The yarn weight wasn’t right for it, I think.

IMG 0874

In New Hampshire, I ripped out all about five inches of it and restarted it as an Invisibility Shawl with more stitches to make it wider.

Invisibility shawl

It’s amazing how much faster it’s knitting up. I think that it’s working with the yarn better as well.

Music and socks


On the third, Caleb and I went to the Falcon Ridge Folk festival. My freshman year college roommate is now a professional folk singer, and, after ascertaining that she didn’t have a song ‘My Horrible Freshman Roomie,” we saw her and said hi after her performance. On the way to the festival, I finished the Princess socks and then started these socks. Because I was engaged in a horrible struggle with the Honeycomb scarf (I had no idea how many errors I could make in a four stitch repeat), I got a lot of the foot done.

On Sunday the eleventh, we saw Darlingside and Joy Kills Sorrow at the Iron Horse. I turned the heel completely during the show.

Folk music really works well for knitting.

(Updated to fix a tag.)

Traveling again

So, I basically stopped working on Traveling Woman after coming back from Italy in Summer 2011. I’d stopped partway through the second row of the third repeat.

IMG 3960

I just got back from a trip to Italy, and I am now on the final chart. I would have gotten even farther if I hadn’t looked down and realized, on the plane home, that I’d made a mistake (a misplaced yarnover) on the plane from the airport. I had to drop back about twenty rows of one motif and work the whole section back up.

Here’s hoping I can get this finished before my next trip abroad! (None is planned.)

New year

IMG 3843

As we came home from Christmas this year, Caleb drove and I knitted a cardigan with a cable in Lamb’s Pride. A strange sense of deja vu back to this year’s trip home from Thanksgiving and last year’s trip home from Christmas came over me.

I’ve cast on a pair of mittens in a vigorous shade of lavender in hopes that I’ll have a first finished object of 2013 pretty soon.

IMG 3835

Here’s hoping that 2013 retains all of the good things of 2012 and replaces all of the bad parts.

Drive drive drive

IMG 3806

I worked on this a lot this past week. On Wednesday, when Caleb drove us down to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving with my family, I was splitting off the sleeves as we got onto the highway. Fourteen hours of driving and a few movies and board games have gotten me most of the way through the body.

This was a smaller Thanksgiving than we’ve had recently. It was still a lot of fun, though, and I really remember how much I have to be thankful for.


IMG 3734

My mother and I wore matching Kauni sweaters on the first day.