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Thinking about colors

I picked up stitches around the neck of Kauni, but wasn’t happy with how the collar looked.

full sweater

The color of the bands was too close to the color of the collar:

unattractive bands

As I looked at some of the completed Kaunis that I particularly like (suc as mlqknits, alwayscastingon , cindym , artnitter , yarnharlot , eclaire , tanteull , briagha , uncleleona , and LaurieB ), I realized that a lot of them have a neckband that doesn’t use colors that are in the shoulder area (which would probably fix the problem of the colors being so close they look odd together), and a lot of them have the neckband and the button bands the same. These seem to give the sweater a unified look that I really like.

I think I’m going to be pulling a lot of yarn and going for a purple band with gold purls.


“Hereafter knit 2 sts together on each side of the “cut up” 7 times on every other row to form the neckline.”

I’m taking this to mean that, over 14 rows, one should decrease on every other row for a total of seven stitches decreased. I tried doing seven on one row, with plans to do more on later rows, but didn’t like that look.

45% (Now with extra added yarn!)

I hit the 27″ mark over the weekend, so the Hug is coming along nicely. I even had to wind up the second hank of yarn; I’m almost at the end of the first.

While I had the skeinwinder and nostepinne out, I also wound up a hank of yarn my parents gave me for my thirtieth birthday.

Multicolored sock yarn

Yarn on winder

It’s very happy yarn. I’m looking forward to knitting it up.

Coming along.

Well, I haven’t blogged for a while.  I wasn’t hit by a car this time, though.

In part, this is because I have been working on the Hug.  I’m up to about fifteen inches this time, which puts me about a quarter of the way through.

The main reason, though, aside from the whole work thing that I do when we don’t have snow days, is that I’ve switched the blog’s address.  It can now be reached at

In part, this is something I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I tend to change the address at least occasionally. For me, it’s sort of a mental spring cleaning, without the hard and dusty parts.

The two events, though, that really triggered it were that Major Knitter sent an e-mail saying that the comments weren’t working. That made me start thinking about it, and I found that there was a sale on domain names. I got mine, as I’ve wanted for a while, and here I am.

Hello world!

Here I go again…