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Finished Summer Sweater

AfA sweater

Ravelry Link Summer Sweater

Pattern: Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater

Yarn: Wool of the Andes in Delft Heather

Needles: 8 dp and circular

Size: 32

Amount of yarn used: 412 g/ just under 8 balls

Modifications: Made a cardigan with La Mode Style 2303 buttons and a one row button hole.

Thoughts: The sleeves called for in the pattern seem a little short. Great pattern, though.

Seven skeins

More sweater!

It’s been a busy week. I had meetings all day at school, was taking a compressed undergrad class (one semester in one week!) and cleaning for the arrival of my in-laws. Not much knitting got done. Most of this was actually done today or yesterday, while we were visiting.

The beads for my beaded shawl arrived today. I’m looking forward to starting it.

Six skeins

And here’s the sweater after skein six was finished:

IMG 0004

I ended up going to a PawSox game last night, and almost ran out of yarn, what with the two hour drive each way to the ballpark now. Luckily, though, I was so tired I fell asleep while riding home instead of running out of yarn.

I should have ironed it

This morning, because it was so hot, I got out one of my lightweight lawn dresses. It was a little rumpled from winter storage, but I put it on without ironing. It was too hot, and I was just going to put on a choir robe over it anyway.

Of course, we ended up not wearing robes because of the heat.

In about twenty-four hours yesterday and today I knitted just short of a full ball of yarn.

Most of a sweater!

The sweater is now in the ribbing. I hope to finish that soon and start the sleeves.

Full day

The Summer Sweater this morning:

Summer sweater

I almost got through an entire ball of yarn today. I’m now just about to start the ribbing. (I’ve knit slightly more than what the pattern calls for.)

Three skeins

IMG 0760

This is three skeins of yarn, or the sweater as of today. I’m guessing it will take two and a half or so more for the body, and about one and a half to two more for the arms and finishing.

It’s been very cold and damp here this week.

Two skeins

Two skeins

Here’s the Summer Sweater. Two skeins took me just about exactly to the split for the body and the sleeves.

Yarn arrival

Summer Sweater yarn

The yarn order from Knitpicks arrived on Thursday. That evening, I cast on for a raglan in size 32 with the Delft Heather yarn for the 500 Sweaters campaign for Afghans for Afghans.

On Friday, as I worked on the setup before class, I polled the middle school girls as to whether a pullover or a cardigan was the way to go, since they’re the target age. It was interesting- the sixth and seventh grade girls slightly favored a pullover over ‘well, it’s a complicated question,’ with only one cardigan vote. All the eighth grade girls, though, voted en bloc for a cardigan (although some opined that the unanimity might have just been because ‘cardigan’ is a fun word to say).

There was some other AfA yarn in there, as well as a skein of lace for a shawl for me and a skeing of Mixed Berries so I can finally finish the stray sock.

Finished Mondo Cable

Mondo Cable

Ravelry Link: Mondo Cable

Pattern: Mondo Cable Cardigan

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted

Needles: US 8 needles (dpn and circular)

Size: 36

Amount of yarn used: Just short of five skeins.

Source of Yarn: Polliwog’s at Rhinebeck

Modifications: I added in the button holes all the way down as was suggested here:

Thoughts: I was amazed at how quickly the finishing went. The collar did take a while, but the band was knit in one and there was nothing else beyond weaving in ends.

(I decided I’m not going to get any lighter pictures in sweater-wearing season.)

One thing finished, one thing started

I finished the Mondo Cable. I washed it last night, and it was mostly dry this morning, so I ironed the ribbings and sewed on the buttons. I wore it to church and really like it. (Although it turned out to be damper than I had thought.) It’s looser than I usually make my sweaters, but it’s nice.

Mondo Cable

Unfortunately, as you can see, black cables in February don’t really photograph clearly, no matter how good the photographer is. I’ll try to get one in heavily raking light for the official finished post.

I’ve started on a new project- it’s a little lace sculpture for an old friend. This is part of it, but I won’t show the whole thing until it’s sent to the recipient. It’s an interesting difference from other things I’ve been working on as well.

Angel arms