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A sock!

I have been knitting when I’m not building things. Unfortunately, all my socks are wearing out since I haven’t been knitting them for about three years now. I’m about halfway through one sock in some glorious yarn, though, and have hopes of more knitting time to come.


I’m turning the heel on the second Princess Sock at last.


Unfortunately, I forgot how to do a short row heel and had to rip back. I guess I’ve been working on the flap kind for too long.

The school year is winding down, but I’m working on some licensure/pdp stuff that looks like it will be kicking into high gear soon if all goes well. I’ve also got yarn on the way for a sweater for the Afghans for Afghans 500 sweater drive. It’s supposed to show up on Friday.

Such a heel


For some reason, I always have a problem setting up a slipstitch heel. Once I get going on it, I’m fine, but I always manage to lose count or pull out a needle in the setup rows. I think I need to try short row heels again after I finish this pair.

Warm weather

Well, despite having to do a lot of my own driving, I managed to redo the gusset and finish the heel:


It’s beautiful here, completely unlike any other March in Massachusetts I’ve seen. I’ve started switching my summer clothes in. It’s not doing good things for my thrummed mitten and assembling the Central Park Hoodie, though.

Don’t try a new heel after a long day…

Friday was a busy day. It was my last day of classes, which can be sort of emotionally intense. On a more practical matter, it was a big due date day, which brought a lot of grading.

When I came home, I changed my clothes, painted my toenails lavender (Confetti Nail Polish Belle of the Ball, my new favorite [It gives me zombie toes!]), and then went to a party for my husband’s work.

This was the sock right after the party:


After that, I went on to turning the heel. This is the Fleegle heel, and I had some trouble with it at first. I pressed on, though, and thought I really liked it; it ended up being a really pretty, interesting, different heel.

This is the heel this morning, as we went to Trader Joe’s, when realization hit. I couldn’t figure out why I had under 40 stitches on a 64 stitch sock.

It turns out that it’s very important to do the knit one or purl one after working together the heel stitch with the gusset stitch.


(Edited to add link to nail polish.)