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A sock!

I have been knitting when I’m not building things. Unfortunately, all my socks are wearing out since I haven’t been knitting them for about three years now. I’m about halfway through one sock in some glorious yarn, though, and have hopes of more knitting time to come.

Happier new year!

IMG 4276

The first sock is finished; I cast it off on our way to our first day hike. I’ve started casting on for the second.

A different color!

IMG 2585

I cast on for a sock for me in the Nordlys yarn today. It is not white. It is all for me.

I finished the main part of Matriarch’s shawl by the girls’ birthday. It’s over half cast off now, so I have hopes that I’ll be able to finish the casting off by the one year anniversary of when they came home.

Afghans for Afghans isn’t running a campaign now, so I’m waiting on the Car Seat Test mitten. I think I’m going to knit things in bright colors for myself for a bit.

Of course, I am thinking a little about two tiny Rhinebeck sweaters…

Busy but knitting

IMG 0166


It has been a busy few weeks. Family visiting, visiting family, my big conference, Caleb’s big conference, extra hours (paid and unpaid) at two of my jobs, and all sorts of more stuff.

I haven’t knit as much on the shawl as I’d like, but I did get some done on my sock. 

Museum of Fine Arts

Caleb and I went to the MFA for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

There weren’t any knitted objects I could see, real or painted, but there were embroidered ones.

I worked on the cuff of a mitten on the way and started a new sock.

Happy Sherlockmas!

Happy Sherlockmas!

Episode One of Season Three of Sherlock airs on PBS tonight. I took a nap so I can stay awake until the end. I’m not the only knitter who is excited about this; Annie Modesitt is releasing yarn colorways inspired b Sherlock.

I’ve been cleaning today, but I finished the toe on the Princess socks. It doesn’t look quite like the other toe, but the sock seems to fit much better.

Finished Goth Socks

IMG 0014
Ravelry Link Goth Socks

Pattern: Fingering Weight Toe Up Sock with Slip Stitch Heel (link to a pdf)

Yarn: Knitpicks Felici in Goth

Needles: Size 1

Size: 64 stitches

Amount of yarn used: 305 yards/70 g.

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: Used the Jeny Bindoff.

One of these socks is not like the other

One of these socks is not like the other.

IMG 0087

The one in back is about half an inch longer than the one in front.

I haven’t really worn them, since one didn’t fit correctly at all. It’s apparently not that my feet are freakish, but that I made a mistake in the knitting. I’m going to be fixing these up before I start my next pair of socks.

More socks

I’m spending a great Thanksgiving with my family. My dad, mom, and I used ten pounds of flour in two days.

Goth Socks

My extended family gets together at a rented house for the holiday. There’s lots of knitting, game playing, and fun.

Even after the zombie apocalypse, there’s still knitting

It was fun finally finding out the name of Lucy and Violet’s skating hats. I always thought they were so chic.

So, the Zombies Run 5K has an extended series of knitting jokes in one episode. I was having a tough run that day, but ended up being really amused.

I’ve finished the first Goth Sock and am starting the second. Getting the stripes lined up is reminding my why my last two pairs of socks (or four, depending on how one counts) were from more space-dyed yarns.