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IMG 6461

We moved to a very Southern state this month. I haven’t gotten much knitting in; I built these learning towers for the hooligans and have been putting things away and building furniture. Hopefully things will be calmer soon.

Spring Stress

I still hate spring.

So, my current way of dealing with stress has been eating tin roof sundaes and doing Pinterest-y crafts.

I made a calendar for the girls since their father was traveling a lot:

IMG 5105

(The planes show the days he goes and comes back and the other picture of him is a day I’m away at a meeting and the girls get to hang out with him all day. The green-backed pictures are their daycare.)

I also am making them little backpacks with appliques and handmade piping. There was also a weather chart, but they fought over the clothespins, so I put it away.

I have gotten some knitting done as well:

IMG 5166

I’m looking forward to when our lives don’t go into complete flux every spring. Then I’ll get more knitting done!

Ripping out and knitting more

IMG 4882

I’m coming along on Blue Skies. I did have to rip out three rows (I’d forgotten the eyelet row), but have gotten to the next eyelet row. I’m looking forward to this scarf.

In sewing, I’m working on little backpacks for First Lady and Matriarch. They love two little reusable shopping bags we have, so I think the backpacks will be pretty fun for them. I’m just trying to decide if I should decorate the back pockets with their initials or with a star and a heart.

Finished Kerry Blue


Ravelry Link Kerry Blue

Pattern: Kerry Blue

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare

Needles: Size 3

Amount of yarn used: 108 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: I used the Haruni bindoff.


A strong shawl for a strong girl.

Finished Boundary Waters

Boundary Waters

Ravelry Link Boundary Waters

Pattern: Boundary Waters

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare

Needles: Size 3

Amount of yarn used: 104 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: I used the Haruni bindoff.


A beautiful shawl for a beautiful girl.

Just need blocking and trimming

They’re cast off.

The ends are woven in.

They need to be blocked and have the ends trimmed.

IMG 2770

I may have a long car ride coming up. I’m getting out my red lace scarf.

Over halfway!

I’m over half done the casting off on First Lady’s shawl.

A different color!

IMG 2585

I cast on for a sock for me in the Nordlys yarn today. It is not white. It is all for me.

I finished the main part of Matriarch’s shawl by the girls’ birthday. It’s over half cast off now, so I have hopes that I’ll be able to finish the casting off by the one year anniversary of when they came home.

Afghans for Afghans isn’t running a campaign now, so I’m waiting on the Car Seat Test mitten. I think I’m going to knit things in bright colors for myself for a bit.

Of course, I am thinking a little about two tiny Rhinebeck sweaters…

Knitting in natural

I’m on row 162 out of 171 on Matriarch’s shawl. This is the last row where the pattern is in groups of nine repeats; after this, it’s in groups of 19. Counting this, only three more rows are pattern rows with an actual pattern.

I’m looking forward to knitting something in color!

Still more shawl

I’m on the last page of instructions for Matriarch’s shawl!

IMG 2271

If I keep working on it, I may get all the knitting finished by her first birthday. Then I just need to figure out what edging to do for her shawl and First Lady’s. I want them to match, so I’m thinking of a simple looped edge like First Lady’s called for. That, though, requires crocheting, and I’m not sure I have that much crochet in me. Does anyone have a simple knitted on edging or fancy castoff?