Sewing with Preschoolers!

IMG 9863
IMG 9862

Both girls have done some sewing (by which I mainly mean sitting in my lap as I sew, pressing the backstitch button.) I’m trying to take advantage of the two weeks of houseguests that will be displacing me from the guest room (where my sewing machine lives) and the study (where I do my online teaching) by doing some sewing with the girls. We cut out First Lady’s dress (She’s five pounds heavier and a few inches taller than Matriarch, so people no longer are sure they’re twins. Since this is a little too big for them, I’m trying First Lady’s dress first and will have Matriarch try it on.). They liked handing me the clips to use as I cut the dress out, and it ended up turning into fine motor play as they used their new tongs to pick up clips.

Pattern: Girl’s Flutter Sleeve Dress • Size: 4T • Fabric: Quilting cotton?