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We moved to a very Southern state this month. I haven’t gotten much knitting in; I built these learning towers for the hooligans and have been putting things away and building furniture. Hopefully things will be calmer soon.

Ripping out and knitting more

IMG 4882

I’m coming along on Blue Skies. I did have to rip out three rows (I’d forgotten the eyelet row), but have gotten to the next eyelet row. I’m looking forward to this scarf.

In sewing, I’m working on little backpacks for First Lady and Matriarch. They love two little reusable shopping bags we have, so I think the backpacks will be pretty fun for them. I’m just trying to decide if I should decorate the back pockets with their initials or with a star and a heart.

Small Human Being Sewalong: Now with 50% less napkin!

I use my Ergo less than the husband uses his; I tend to prefer the Moby or the K”Tan, both of which I can put on in the morning and keep on all day. It’s a fashion statement. Still, the Ergo seems likely to be more useful as they get bigger, and we tend to use the Ergos for big outings.


I made myself a pair of Ergo covers as well, using the same pattern. The fabric is left over from a maternity dress I sewed myself. (It amazed me how much most maternity clothing was unlike what I’d normally wear– tight and low cut, Also, during a time in my life when I was constantly eating candied ginger, I needed pockets more, not less.) The interlining is a pair of stained napkins.

I also finished a nursing nightgown for myself. I’d traced the pattern in early July, planning to sew a nightgown and some tank tops. Then the girls were born before I could even cut the fabric. I ended up wearing three dresses from Old Navy as nursing nightdresses. I am looking forward to casting them off into the outer darkness, especially now I have this to sub in.

(Yes, it’s a bad picture, but it’s not something I want a picture of myself wearing on the Internet.)