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Spring Stress

I still hate spring.

So, my current way of dealing with stress has been eating tin roof sundaes and doing Pinterest-y crafts.

I made a calendar for the girls since their father was traveling a lot:

IMG 5105

(The planes show the days he goes and comes back and the other picture of him is a day I’m away at a meeting and the girls get to hang out with him all day. The green-backed pictures are their daycare.)

I also am making them little backpacks with appliques and handmade piping. There was also a weather chart, but they fought over the clothespins, so I put it away.

I have gotten some knitting done as well:

IMG 5166

I’m looking forward to when our lives don’t go into complete flux every spring. Then I’ll get more knitting done!

Two posts in a month!

So, it’s been hard finding time to knit. I’ll knit in a car or a bus if I’m a passenger. I’ll try to knit after the girls are in bed or when they nap, but there’s always laundry or grading or other things like that I feel I should be doing.

Purl carefully 24421545890 o

I found a way to get time to knit today. First Lady, as often happens, woke up early and cranky. I took her out of her crib so she wouldn’t fuss and wake Matriarch. I grabbed my knitting and sat down in the beanbag chair, holding her. She snuggled in and fell asleep, leaving me pinned for an enjoyable chunk of knitting.

And now for something different

I’m almost finished making an Advent calendar for each girl. I should be able to trim the threads today and I’ll pin the ornaments on this year instead of sewing on hooks so I can get the placement right.

That took up most of my craft time in early November.

I’m now, though, working on those rainbow socks for me (and high time; a lot of my handknit socks are starting to wear out not at the toe or at the heel, but across the ball of the foot. It’s not a really darnable spot, so I’ll be having spots open up for new socks.

On the Thanksgiving trip, during the driving, I worked on this scarf for myself.
IMG 3949

It alternates a rainbow stripe with a gray stripe. I like it.

More progress, but no picture

Kerry Blue is coming along; I’m about ten rows from being finished on the second pattern section. This puts me at about 22% finished the whole thing. The yarn has not yet appreciably diminished, which makes me feel I may have overbought.

Ten inches of scarf


It’s been incredibly cold here. My main knitting has been working on churning out mittens for Afghans for Afghans’ deadline in February, but I took a break to work on this for a while. (Mittens are fine for Sherlock, but when Caleb is watching Premier League football, I need something a little more complicated to do.)

It’s been cold, so I haven’t been running much recently, but I’m hoping to start again soon.


I went to the all day meeting that has lots of knitting today. Three of us were knitting during all the discussion and one person was paper piecing a quilt.

Between the drive (I was lucky enough to be a passenger; the snow was pretty heavy) and the meeting, I finished a pair of mittens. I also got a little knitting done on my Runner 5 scarf.

Pictures tomorrow, once it’s actually light.

Finished Cheer Me Up

IMG 0052

IMG 0055

Ravelry Link Cheer Me Up

Pattern: Cheer Me Up

Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow Tonal in Deep Waters

Needles: 7 straights

Amount of yarn used: 44g/387 yards

Modifications: None

Thoughts: I really like this. The beads give it a nice sparkle and the size and shape work well.

Snow and blocking

Unfortunately, the snow seems to have gotten heavier at the same time that night fell, so I don’t know how much snow there is. It looks like there is a fair amount accumulating, though.

I’m blocking Cheer Me Up now.

IMG 0025

I’m also close to finishing my socks and the pair of mittens I started as Thanksgiving knitting. Considering that there are supposed to be single digit lows this coming week, I think I may be about to start an extremely warm hat.

Working plain

I’ve moved on from the beads to just the pattern and now to the shortrow section.


It’s really looking sparkly and lovely. It’s nice to have now that the days are so short and gloomy.

More knitted

Beaded border

It’s looking pretty impressive whenever I pull it out of the bag now. I’ve just got one more beaded row and a few more pattern rows, then I’m into the plain shortrows.