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We moved to a very Southern state this month. I haven’t gotten much knitting in; I built these learning towers for the hooligans and have been putting things away and building furniture. Hopefully things will be calmer soon.


Edit: This came out much more depressing than it was supposed to! I meant it to be more like things I’ve read recently about how the pregnant body becomes a public space for comment and that it’s strange how people in public interact with me only as the subtitles for the girls and think that I always want to stop and answer all questions, no matter how personal, even as I’m hurrying somewhere or trying to calm a crying baby.

I’m now 50% through Matriarch’s shawl. Both girls keep trying to touch it, since they’re very interested in string and paper.

Matriarch and her shawl

In The Reluctant Father, one of the strands is about how, when his daughter was born, his wife vanished. I can definitely feel that. As I walk the girls around campus, it’s amazing how many students talk about them as if I can’t hear. In the grocery store, it can be hard to get the groceries without people asking about them. If I’m trying to run a fast errand, someone will stop me to argue with me about if they’re identical or sororal. The girls exist, and I’m just there as a caption.

When I go out for a run, it’s amazing. I’m just a normal person with her headphones in.

I also feel sort of vanished in the knitting I’ve been doing. I knit the soakers that they outgrew before I finished them, which were black and white. I’ve been knitting the white christening shawls. I have the mitten from First Lady’s car seat test, but Afghans for Afghans isn’t currently collecting and doesn’t seem to know when it will again.

As usual, my big conference and my husband’s overlapped. Normally this just means both of us are frantically working on our papers/posters/workshops at the same time, but this year had the added complication of the girls. My parents, therefore, came up to wrangle, and the girls went to their first academic conference, which they seemed to enjoy. I’m so lucky to have parents who could and wanted to do that.

My mom and I went to Webs later in the week, bringing the girls. Their baby books now have entries about first LYS trip.

Girls in Webs

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I got myself some sock yarn in bright colors that hopefully will make me, as I’m stopped to be asked about the girls, feel less invisible.

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Finished Calorimetry

Finished Calorimetry

Ravelry Link Calorimetry


Calorimetry, Knitty 2006

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride

Needles: 9 straights

Size: One Size

Amount of yarn used: 65 g.

Source of Yarn: Rhinebeck- Pollywogs.

Modifications: None.

Thoughts: I have a large head, and didn’t need the full length. I think it could size down easily. Very warm and nice for running.

New Project

So, I finished the Couch to 5K training this week.

One of the things mentioned in one of the episodes is that some runners wear red scarves.

I bought three skeins of Koigu at my first Rhinebeck (in 2004!) to make a Rockstar scarf. I was young and impressionable.

I ripped out the scarf and decided to use it to make Kernel, which I’d been wanting to make for at least three years.


I’m knitting both ends first (the end end is grafted on) so I can knit until I run out of yarn.

It’s more purple than red, but I like to think of it as my runner scarf.

Even after the zombie apocalypse, there’s still knitting

It was fun finally finding out the name of Lucy and Violet’s skating hats. I always thought they were so chic.

So, the Zombies Run 5K has an extended series of knitting jokes in one episode. I was having a tough run that day, but ended up being really amused.

I’ve finished the first Goth Sock and am starting the second. Getting the stripes lined up is reminding my why my last two pairs of socks (or four, depending on how one counts) were from more space-dyed yarns.


Last Sunday, Caleb and I saw the Richard Thompson concert in Northampton. I’m a much happier concert-goer if I have my knitting or something else to do with my hands, and I was almost finished my sock, which was worrying.

IMG 0920

So, I started a Calorimetry, the over the top of the head scarf from Knitty that looks like the little hats that Lucy and Violet wore in Peanuts in the 1950s. It’s knitting up surprisingly quickly, but the weather has warmed up enough that I might not need it until after it’s done.

Zombies haven’t gotten me yet


As well as working on the running, I’m also taking a class in Old English. I pulled out the Goth Socks to knit during class break, and found out that there were other knitters in the class as well.

Mittens and running from zombies

Earlier today, I finished the body of the first of the blue mittens I’m working on:

IMG 0898

(They’re the flapped kind so that the user can get a hand out to open a door.)

The other thing that I’ve been doing this week is rather atypical for me. In the first week of college, I put on a new pair of shorts I’d just bought and a pair of Keds and went out to try running like all the cool girls did. I made it back alive and decided that, since I’d tried it once, I never had to do it again.

When it comes to motivating me to do things, there are, shamefully, two big factors: new clothes and competition. One of my cousins e-mailed and suggested that we consider running a 5K race at Thanksgiving. I e-mailed her, declining politely.

I then kept thinking about it the rest of the day. A race? An excuse for new workout gear?

I recanted.

After that, I downloaded the Zombies, Run! 5K app and have completed the first week of training (this was actually four runs and a walk, since I tried a less exciting app first and there’s an intro walk/run). I’m not dead, the zombies haven’t caught me yet (although one chased me today), and I’m looking forward to each chance for British humor and endorphins.