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Sill more Kerry Blue

I just got back from my big conference. 

I was lucky enough to be catching a ride there, and I brought along my mittens to finish. I figured I could bang out the first one and the second one on the way there, then work on Kerry Blue on the way home. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the black yarn for the stripes, which really stopped that short. 

On the plus side, though, I got a lot of Kerry Blue done.

One of these socks is not like the other

One of these socks is not like the other.

IMG 0087

The one in back is about half an inch longer than the one in front.

I haven’t really worn them, since one didn’t fit correctly at all. It’s apparently not that my feet are freakish, but that I made a mistake in the knitting. I’m going to be fixing these up before I start my next pair of socks.

Keeping the level of mitten in the world the same

I am apparently dedicated to keeping the level of mitten in the world the same.

I’m weaving in the ends on the Mittens of a Certain color; the flaps are all sewn down. No pictures now until the recipient has them.

As I’m doing this, I’m also ripping out the thrummed mittens I made earlier. They never worked right; they were too puffy to use in the car, and, if I happened to be walking, they were hard to fit in my pockets and the thrums made them loose enough they didn’t resist wind well.

IMG 0911

I’m ripping them out to make a pair of double yarn mittens out of the yarn.

You gotta know when to fold them

Well, I kept on fighting with the Honeycomb shawl during our vacation to Canada. I mostly got the pattern down, but just wasn’t liking it. The yarn weight wasn’t right for it, I think.

IMG 0874

In New Hampshire, I ripped out all about five inches of it and restarted it as an Invisibility Shawl with more stitches to make it wider.

Invisibility shawl

It’s amazing how much faster it’s knitting up. I think that it’s working with the yarn better as well.

Stash cleanout

I’m reading the Webs 31 Days to get Organized series, and it’s finally inspired me to tackle my stash.

I’ve thrown away yarn (a six inch piece of Kureyon isn’t going to be useful). I’ve ripped out projects that I decided I wasn’t going to finish (Icarus, the Samus Aran that I was working on on my trip to Russia in 2005).

I also found a Rockstar (Koigu and Fun Fur) scarf that had apparently seemed like an awesome idea back when I was working at the coffee shop.

UploadedImage medium2 png

The Fun Fur did not age well, so I’m ripping it out and planning to make a Kernel. Happily, I’d carried the yarn up the side instead of cutting, so it was fast to rip.


Well, yesterday I was happily knitting along on my Mondo Cable, the black sweater that I’m making out of Lamb’s Pride. I’d done the collar increases, figured out the buttonhole, and was onto the body and five rows into the cable pattern. I decided to check something about the sleeves.

Unraveling of doom!

It turned out that I’d lost one of the raglan markers and hadn’t done any sleeve increases for a few inches.

After ripping it out and frantically reknitting yesterday and today, I’m four rows short of the same spot and am carefully checking the markers again and again and again.

Good and bad news

Juno Regina bad news:

I found an unintentional shortrow two rows back. Ripping.

Juno Regina good news:

I realized that this is knit on size four needles, and so was able to unknit onto my luscious Signature needles.

Distinct Colorway

I’m not working in only one colorway now on purpose; it’s just a coincidence.

IMG 3405

I was so excited about the In The Dark Socks this weekend. I’d finished the increases for the gusset, and so was ready to start the heel. I’d worked on our way to our weekend stroll at Mt. Tom.

I looked at the pattern to check what to do for the heel and saw that I was supposed to have increased on every third row, not every second row. Oops.

It’s ripped back and I’m starting the new increases at the proper rate.

I guess I won’t finish the sock at the conference after all.

(Edited to fix picture of sock and trees.)


Mittens stacked

mittens side by side

Do these look more similar? The amounts of leftover yarn correspond much more closely.

Oops. Again.

I’ve decided to add an oops tag as well as an oops category.

Remember these mittens? IMG 2907

Well, they are actually different sizes. I accidentally did the second one (on the right in the picture) over 44 stitches, not 48. I’ve ripped it out and have been reknitting it.

I guess I should check my counts more carefully if I’m doing them without power.

Here are the mittens as of last night:


Please leave a comment if you see any problems!

Not much has been happening around here. I’ve been doing things at home and applying for jobs. The house is definitely cleaner with me not working for pay.