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Mittens and running from zombies

Earlier today, I finished the body of the first of the blue mittens I’m working on:

IMG 0898

(They’re the flapped kind so that the user can get a hand out to open a door.)

The other thing that I’ve been doing this week is rather atypical for me. In the first week of college, I put on a new pair of shorts I’d just bought and a pair of Keds and went out to try running like all the cool girls did. I made it back alive and decided that, since I’d tried it once, I never had to do it again.

When it comes to motivating me to do things, there are, shamefully, two big factors: new clothes and competition. One of my cousins e-mailed and suggested that we consider running a 5K race at Thanksgiving. I e-mailed her, declining politely.

I then kept thinking about it the rest of the day. A race? An excuse for new workout gear?

I recanted.

After that, I downloaded the Zombies, Run! 5K app and have completed the first week of training (this was actually four runs and a walk, since I tried a less exciting app first and there’s an intro walk/run). I’m not dead, the zombies haven’t caught me yet (although one chased me today), and I’m looking forward to each chance for British humor and endorphins.

More hat

I love technology. As we were driving off to a hike, I realized that I didn’t have the pattern for Crooked Paths. I was able to log into Ravelry on my phone and download the pattern again.

I’m into the decreases now. It’s interesting how the increases and decreases of the main pattern almost make it look cabled.


Check yourself before you donate yourself

I’ve been volunteering at my local library in an attempt to keep myself busy through this extended unemployment.

One of the things I’m doing is sorting donated books for the book sale.

This is just my own opinion, but:

If your cookbook has remnants of food covering it, DO NOT DONATE.
If your travel guide to Europe is pre-Euro, DO NOT DONATE.
If there’s mold growing on your book, DO NOT DONATE.
If it’s a computer book from 1992, DO NOT DONATE.
If it’s missing both covers, DO NOT DONATE.
If it’s the manual for a consumer electronic device, DO NOT DONATE. (Unless you include the device and it’s awesome.)
If it’s a textbook that’s three or more decades out of date, DO NOT DONATE.

Think about books you might want to buy. Yes, if the sale is cheap or the book is wonderful, a slightly ratty or tattered copy can be OK. If it’s not something anyone would want, though, DO NOT DONATE.

I’m still woking on Hitchhiker. I’m caught up on Deadliest Warrior, sadly, so I’m now listening to PBS Secrets of the Dead as I knit. They’re amusing.


Hitchhiker is getting larger.


Well, not that long after my last post, as it was snowing, we lost power.

We were lucky; we lost power late on Saturday and had it back on Monday afternoon. Other people in the area still don’t have power almost a week later.

We didn’t get Internet back until pretty late on Thursday. On Friday, we spent the day back in Providence, running a pub quiz and catching up on some things from our old lives.

So, as you may guess, I’m sort of behind on things happening online. I did get a pair of mittens knit, and I have made some progress on the Central Park Hoodie.

CPH fronts

If you see any problems with the cables, please point them out.

It was a long, long week.

More sweater, less hair

I cut my hair to donate; the ponytails measure about 15.5″, and
then, when the hairstylist was cleaning up the ends, there were pieces of about 3″ in some places on the floor.

Before (long enough to sit on):


After cutting the ponytails:

with my haircut

After a real haircut:

after haircut

In other news, I’m still working on the Kauni:
half an arm

The arm is about eight inches long so far. Most nights, I get about one repeat done. It may yet be done on time!