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Ripping out and knitting more

IMG 4882

I’m coming along on Blue Skies. I did have to rip out three rows (I’d forgotten the eyelet row), but have gotten to the next eyelet row. I’m looking forward to this scarf.

In sewing, I’m working on little backpacks for First Lady and Matriarch. They love two little reusable shopping bags we have, so I think the backpacks will be pretty fun for them. I’m just trying to decide if I should decorate the back pockets with their initials or with a star and a heart.

And now for something different

I’m almost finished making an Advent calendar for each girl. I should be able to trim the threads today and I’ll pin the ornaments on this year instead of sewing on hooks so I can get the placement right.

That took up most of my craft time in early November.

I’m now, though, working on those rainbow socks for me (and high time; a lot of my handknit socks are starting to wear out not at the toe or at the heel, but across the ball of the foot. It’s not a really darnable spot, so I’ll be having spots open up for new socks.

On the Thanksgiving trip, during the driving, I worked on this scarf for myself.
IMG 3949

It alternates a rainbow stripe with a gray stripe. I like it.

The finest fleece Old Navy can offer…

So, the hope is that First Lady and Matriarch will be able to join the throngs at Rhinebeck. If they do go, they will be fully kitted out in the finest fleece Old Navy can offer (if we can find First Lady’s other mitten). Yes, I know I should knit for them. Until pretty recently, though, we weren’t sure what the weather would be like and they’re on a pretty big growth spurt, it seems.

Twins in fleece

(Matriarch is in pink, and First Lady is in white.)

Also, I’ve made them Halloween costumes and am working on my matching one, sewed covers for their shawls to protect them in the cedar chest, and am working on sewing them advent calendars. And I’ve got reaccreditation at work, am working on a journal article and certifications, am working three days a week, getting ready for four 5K runs by the start of December, and still keeping the house running.

If we are living somewhere that we’d be able to get to Rhinebeck 2016, we’ll see about hats. Or earwarmers, at least. I do feel guilty when their singleton friends with knitting mothers have cute handknits. Of course, when I teach them to knit, our production will really go up!

Finished Kerry Blue


Ravelry Link Kerry Blue

Pattern: Kerry Blue

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare

Needles: Size 3

Amount of yarn used: 108 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: I used the Haruni bindoff.


A strong shawl for a strong girl.

Finished Boundary Waters

Boundary Waters

Ravelry Link Boundary Waters

Pattern: Boundary Waters

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare

Needles: Size 3

Amount of yarn used: 104 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks

Modifications: I used the Haruni bindoff.


A beautiful shawl for a beautiful girl.

A different color!

IMG 2585

I cast on for a sock for me in the Nordlys yarn today. It is not white. It is all for me.

I finished the main part of Matriarch’s shawl by the girls’ birthday. It’s over half cast off now, so I have hopes that I’ll be able to finish the casting off by the one year anniversary of when they came home.

Afghans for Afghans isn’t running a campaign now, so I’m waiting on the Car Seat Test mitten. I think I’m going to knit things in bright colors for myself for a bit.

Of course, I am thinking a little about two tiny Rhinebeck sweaters…

Small Human Being Sewalong: Now with 50% less napkin!

I use my Ergo less than the husband uses his; I tend to prefer the Moby or the K”Tan, both of which I can put on in the morning and keep on all day. It’s a fashion statement. Still, the Ergo seems likely to be more useful as they get bigger, and we tend to use the Ergos for big outings.


I made myself a pair of Ergo covers as well, using the same pattern. The fabric is left over from a maternity dress I sewed myself. (It amazed me how much most maternity clothing was unlike what I’d normally wear– tight and low cut, Also, during a time in my life when I was constantly eating candied ginger, I needed pockets more, not less.) The interlining is a pair of stained napkins.

I also finished a nursing nightgown for myself. I’d traced the pattern in early July, planning to sew a nightgown and some tank tops. Then the girls were born before I could even cut the fabric. I ended up wearing three dresses from Old Navy as nursing nightdresses. I am looking forward to casting them off into the outer darkness, especially now I have this to sub in.

(Yes, it’s a bad picture, but it’s not something I want a picture of myself wearing on the Internet.)


Edit: This came out much more depressing than it was supposed to! I meant it to be more like things I’ve read recently about how the pregnant body becomes a public space for comment and that it’s strange how people in public interact with me only as the subtitles for the girls and think that I always want to stop and answer all questions, no matter how personal, even as I’m hurrying somewhere or trying to calm a crying baby.

I’m now 50% through Matriarch’s shawl. Both girls keep trying to touch it, since they’re very interested in string and paper.

Matriarch and her shawl

In The Reluctant Father, one of the strands is about how, when his daughter was born, his wife vanished. I can definitely feel that. As I walk the girls around campus, it’s amazing how many students talk about them as if I can’t hear. In the grocery store, it can be hard to get the groceries without people asking about them. If I’m trying to run a fast errand, someone will stop me to argue with me about if they’re identical or sororal. The girls exist, and I’m just there as a caption.

When I go out for a run, it’s amazing. I’m just a normal person with her headphones in.

I also feel sort of vanished in the knitting I’ve been doing. I knit the soakers that they outgrew before I finished them, which were black and white. I’ve been knitting the white christening shawls. I have the mitten from First Lady’s car seat test, but Afghans for Afghans isn’t currently collecting and doesn’t seem to know when it will again.

As usual, my big conference and my husband’s overlapped. Normally this just means both of us are frantically working on our papers/posters/workshops at the same time, but this year had the added complication of the girls. My parents, therefore, came up to wrangle, and the girls went to their first academic conference, which they seemed to enjoy. I’m so lucky to have parents who could and wanted to do that.

My mom and I went to Webs later in the week, bringing the girls. Their baby books now have entries about first LYS trip.

Girls in Webs

IMG 0008

I got myself some sock yarn in bright colors that hopefully will make me, as I’m stopped to be asked about the girls, feel less invisible.

IMG 0004

Conference paper

Well, over the past few weeks it hasn’t been the twins keeping me from knitting. I’ve been working on a conference paper while they nap, not knitting.

IMG 1495

Matriarch’s shawl is coming along, though. I’ll keep working at it and I hope to have it finished in July for her birthday. (I have another conference in June, but that’s a co-presentation of something we’ve co-presented before.)

I’m looking forward to knitting in front of Wolf Hall when it comes to PBS.

Christening without shawls

The First Lady and Matriarch were christened, as I’d hoped, in church, together, on one of the ‘days appointed,’ not as an emergency baptism.

Here they are with their godparents, father, and me:

16245858806 fe1ae2bb38 o

I made the dresses (Matriarch is in red, looking tired, and First Lady is in blue). The ribbons you can see hanging tied at the front of the sailor collars, but they loved chewing on the bows and untying them.

I’m still working on Matriarch’s shawl. It’s about 36%; I had it on hold to finish the dresses. It’s now a higher priority. I’ve been working on the two shawls for almost eleven months now (I started around the end of the first trimester since I’d been to nervous to start before) and really want to have them both done for the girls’ first birthdays.

(Also, I’d like to knit some things for myself as well.)