Today on This Preschooler House…

Today on This Preschooler House I learned that stain tastes just like it smells.

(First Lady was helping me touch things up with the stain pen. I gave it to her and she thought it would be heavier than it was, so it swung through the air and the tip touched inside my open mouth. No Jacobean spot left on my tongue, thankfully.)

Surprisingly productive

Today was a surprisingly productive day for finishing things.

First Lady and Matriarch are asleep in their beds, having argued for a while about whether they were ‘big girl beds’ or ‘grown up lady beds.’ Their dad and I (as well as putting heat shield film on their windows) carried in their beds and nailed in the slats. These are made out of 2×6, 2×4, and 1×4 lumber with a lot of older building. I think they’re built more strongly than the average house, since the ladies can be amazing when they work together.

After a very truncated nap, I took the ladies outside and we glued the handles on their screw picker uppers for the garage. They enjoyed trying them out with a dish of washers.

In scraps of time, I’d put together a hamper for our laundry and finished it after the ladies went to bed. Then I finished the finishing on a skirt for me (two skirts in my wardrobe without holes, fallen hems, or bleach stains!) except for a hook, since one of our guests is asleep in the room where my notions live.