Not knitting

Since moving to Dixie, I haven’t been knitting. It feels pointless to make warm things when it will be in the nineties in November. I’m extremely underemployed, so I haven’t wanted to make lace scarves that will sit in my drawer.

Instead, I’ve been building furniture– the learning towers for First Lady and Matriarch, a sand/water table for them, bookcases for the guest/sewing room, and now a folding table to put my sewing machine on. I’ve also made Halloween costumes and have sewn some tops for them. I have dresses queued up for them (I’ve found knit fabric with a print of dinosaurs!) and maybe one for me, since people at church are much dressier than they were back North. I’m also making bows now that the girls realized they’re an option and enjoy wearing them. (Some of the little girls wear bows so much I swear they must have terry cloth bath bows.)

It is starting to get cooler, and I’m working, slowly, on some socks. There may be sparse knitting and more sewing and woodworking fro a while, though.

One response to “Not knitting

  1. Yeah, it’s been way too warm here in my corner of the South – 15 degrees or so above what it should be.

    I’m concentrating on knitting gifts for people who live in colder climes (or toys for my niece…)