Monthly Archives: July 2016


I’ll do a post with pictures later, but just wanted to write this before I lost lock again.

It’s been a rather crazy six weeks. We went from planning a local move in the middle of June to planning a local move to temporary housing at the end of June and a multi-state move in mid-August. We’re in the process of buying a house in a city where we’ve spent three days.

On top of this, there have been all of the normal shenanigans caused by having two two year olds frolicking about.

IMG 5971

They did seem to like the dolls and backpacks I sewed for them. My mom made the girls quilts, made the dolls dresses (the fabric I’d cut for the dresses disappeared in the first move), made the dolls quilts, and made the dolls beds.

I did get to knit on our two trips and finished the rainbow socks.

More to come soon, I hope.