The finest fleece Old Navy can offer…

So, the hope is that First Lady and Matriarch will be able to join the throngs at Rhinebeck. If they do go, they will be fully kitted out in the finest fleece Old Navy can offer (if we can find First Lady’s other mitten). Yes, I know I should knit for them. Until pretty recently, though, we weren’t sure what the weather would be like and they’re on a pretty big growth spurt, it seems.

Twins in fleece

(Matriarch is in pink, and First Lady is in white.)

Also, I’ve made them Halloween costumes and am working on my matching one, sewed covers for their shawls to protect them in the cedar chest, and am working on sewing them advent calendars. And I’ve got reaccreditation at work, am working on a journal article and certifications, am working three days a week, getting ready for four 5K runs by the start of December, and still keeping the house running.

If we are living somewhere that we’d be able to get to Rhinebeck 2016, we’ll see about hats. Or earwarmers, at least. I do feel guilty when their singleton friends with knitting mothers have cute handknits. Of course, when I teach them to knit, our production will really go up!

One response to “The finest fleece Old Navy can offer…

  1. Your knitting Mother also let you all down! Sorry!