Monthly Archives: September 2015

Selfish socks

I’ve been poking away on knitting myself a pair of socks:

sock toe

However, there is no set deadline on when they have to be done. I’ve decided that, even though my mother and I (possibly accompanied by First Lady and Matriarch) are going to Rhinebeck, I’m not doing a Rhinebeck project.

The big deadlines are Halloween costumes for First Lady, Matriarch, and me (18 October, for Twins Group), and finishing the big Advent Calendars I’m sewing them. Those are coming along, but it takes a long time to get all the letters traced, let alone cut and appliqued. Caleb and I have also started playing one of our favorite card games in the evening now that we actually still have some energy when the girls are in bed.

So, knitting for myself has been something I snatch in little crumbs when I can’t do other things. I’m happy I’m getting this much done.