Monthly Archives: July 2015

Over halfway!

I’m over half done the casting off on First Lady’s shawl.

A different color!

IMG 2585

I cast on for a sock for me in the Nordlys yarn today. It is not white. It is all for me.

I finished the main part of Matriarch’s shawl by the girls’ birthday. It’s over half cast off now, so I have hopes that I’ll be able to finish the casting off by the one year anniversary of when they came home.

Afghans for Afghans isn’t running a campaign now, so I’m waiting on the Car Seat Test mitten. I think I’m going to knit things in bright colors for myself for a bit.

Of course, I am thinking a little about two tiny Rhinebeck sweaters…


IMG 2440

The knitting is done on Matriarch’s shawl. I’ll follow my mom’s suggestion and cast off with the Haruni picot edge, then do the same for First Lady’s. If things are calm and naps (ha!) and sleep (double ha!) go well, there’s an outside chance I may have the shawls finished by their birthday.