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Christening without shawls

The First Lady and Matriarch were christened, as I’d hoped, in church, together, on one of the ‘days appointed,’ not as an emergency baptism.

Here they are with their godparents, father, and me:

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I made the dresses (Matriarch is in red, looking tired, and First Lady is in blue). The ribbons you can see hanging tied at the front of the sailor collars, but they loved chewing on the bows and untying them.

I’m still working on Matriarch’s shawl. It’s about 36%; I had it on hold to finish the dresses. It’s now a higher priority. I’ve been working on the two shawls for almost eleven months now (I started around the end of the first trimester since I’d been to nervous to start before) and really want to have them both done for the girls’ first birthdays.

(Also, I’d like to knit some things for myself as well.)

Shawl picture


It won’t be finished, but it’s still pretty.