Monthly Archives: November 2014

I made these.

IMG 0994

Here’s the Matriarch with her Boundary Waters Shawl. (And her friend, Charlotte the Lamaze Doll).

The shawl is now into the second part of the pattern.

I’m on row 84 now, so I need to keep working on it to finish for her baptism.


Apparently, the first baby strollers were pulled by goats. I need to get one of those; the First Lady and the Matriarch nap in the morning (while I eat breakfast and set up for the day) and then like a moving nap. I can type on my phone one-handed to write in my journal (I prefer paper, but have made the switch for when I can’t use my nice journal), but I can’t knit and push the stroller or drive.

Still, I’ve managed to get some knitting done on the Matriarch’s shawl. I’m going to have to work on it more steadily to have it done for their christening.

Knitting does make me feel more like myself.

Also, does anyone have ideas of things to do with small, young babies? Most of my material is aimed at a more mobile and loquacious age.