Monthly Archives: November 2013

More socks

I’m spending a great Thanksgiving with my family. My dad, mom, and I used ten pounds of flour in two days.

Goth Socks

My extended family gets together at a rented house for the holiday. There’s lots of knitting, game playing, and fun.

Sad news

Caleb’s grandmother Betty died on Sunday.

She was almost 92. She taught exercise classes well into her late eighties and was an extremely good Scrabble player. (And she could trash talk a Scrabble game with the best of them.) In World War II, she was an army nurse and was at the liberation of Buchenwald.

She had a knack for making people feel comfortable and happy, even when things weren’t going well for her.

She was a wonderful person and we’ll miss her very much.

More knitted

Beaded border

It’s looking pretty impressive whenever I pull it out of the bag now. I’ve just got one more beaded row and a few more pattern rows, then I’m into the plain shortrows.

Snow day mittens in advance?

I normally try to knit a pair of mittens for every snow day. Is it wrong to start on one in hopes of bringing on snow? The weather has been pretty cold and would really benefit from an attractive dusting of snow.

More scarf

IMG 1010

I worked on my scarf on the way back from Colorado and got a lot done. I’ve been focusing on Cheer Me Up, but progress shows up less nicely on that because it’s so much wider.

Finished Calorimetry

Finished Calorimetry

Ravelry Link Calorimetry


Calorimetry, Knitty 2006

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride

Needles: 9 straights

Size: One Size

Amount of yarn used: 65 g.

Source of Yarn: Rhinebeck- Pollywogs.

Modifications: None.

Thoughts: I have a large head, and didn’t need the full length. I think it could size down easily. Very warm and nice for running.

Blue beads and blue jeans

Cheer Me Up

Even though I didn’t bring this along on my trip (I started the Kernel because I figured that beads aren’t plane knitting), I’ve still managed to make progress on it. I’ve finished row 19 since taking this picture, and so there are only about three beaded rows left. It’s really pretty. I’m hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving, but realize that might be a bit ambitious.

I’ve been shopping for jeans again, which has meant that it feels as if I’ve tried on every pair of jeans in Colorado and Western Massachusetts. Why can’t women’s jeans be like men’s jeans, and made out of actual denim instead of navy blue stretch fabric? And why do men’s jeans fit better than the supposedly curvy fit women’s? And how is it that jeans no longer fit my knees, of all places on my body?

I’m going to probably have another pair custom made and may end up trying again to make a pair.