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Shower for a lab baby

This week, I haven’t been working on lace. I’ve been trying to finish up what may very well be the last class I need for my new teaching certification (I never trust that it will be the last until I hold the certificate), the fun online class I’ve been taking, working some at my second job, and working on a baby bootie for the baby one of Caleb’s colleagues is having.

IMG 0852

The main entertainment at the baby shower, other than painting onesies (Caleb and I made one with the Mars Rover shooting rocks) was finding out how many PhDs it took to assemble a pack ‘n play. (Answer: Three, but only after the lab manager gives them instructions.)

Knitting lace

It’s bad weather for New England when you walk into a room, think how refreshingly cool it is, and realize it’s 90 degrees that seems so cool.

I’ve knitted enough on the Cheer Me Up that it’s almost exactly back where it was before I had to rip it out.

Ripping out lace

I haven’t been having much success with lace recently. I ripped out the Cheer Me Up on what turned out to be the day that our car came home from car camp. I’d managed to really mess up one section and wasn’t sure how to fix it. (I got a new set of Signature Needles that I’ll be using to cast it back on soon.

I started on an Invisibility Shawl out of some very fine lace yarn, but the needles were too big for the yarn and it looked sloppy.


I then tried twice on the Honeycomb Orenburg shawl. It seems like it may have taken this time.


It’s so nice to have something that doesn’t warm me up even when it will come to fill my lap.

Finished Summer Sweater

AfA sweater

Ravelry Link Summer Sweater

Pattern: Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater

Yarn: Wool of the Andes in Delft Heather

Needles: 8 dp and circular

Size: 32

Amount of yarn used: 412 g/ just under 8 balls

Modifications: Made a cardigan with La Mode Style 2303 buttons and a one row button hole.

Thoughts: The sleeves called for in the pattern seem a little short. Great pattern, though.

Finished Traveling Woman

IMG 4015

Ravelry Link Traveling Woman

Pattern: Traveling Woman

Yarn: Schaefer Anne

Needles: Size 4 circular

Size: Fingering weight extra large

Amount of yarn used: 98 grams

Source of Yarn: From my mother

Modifications: None, really.

Thoughts: This was my complicated knit for the summer I spent in Italy. I finally finished it almost two years later.

New shawl

IMG 0837

I’ve started on the Cheer Me Up shawl, using AB sapphire beads. I finished the Traveling Woman, and the Afghans for Afghans sweater just needs a little bit more on the button band, a collar, and ends woven in.

It’s a little ironic that I started Cheer Me Up right around when we sent the car off to car camp because of the helpful warning sign “Problem” and multiple red exclamation points. Where we live is very car-centric. Luckily, Caleb has ZipCar, so we can drive to air conditioning and errands occasionally.

It’s not all bad, though; here are Pico and Nano, our local rabbits: