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Don’t laugh at the chickens

Yesterday, I laughed at a chicken.

We were at our CSA, picking peas. The chicken came down the row where we were standing. I politely explained that we needed to leave through where the chicken was standing. The chicken ignored me. I politely explained again that I needed to move where it was, and it started walking down the row towards me.

I started walking slowly towards it, trying my best to put off a vibe of “I am NOT a predator.” The chicken suddenly realized that I was waling towards it and panicked, running full speed into the pea vines and bouncing back off of them like something in a movie. I laughed.

Karma, laser-guided, heard, and came back to bite me in the ankle.

I met a friend to do part of the Shop Hop, and we went for frozen drinks afterwards. As we were getting in our cars, I put my mostly empty cup on top of the roof so I could get out my keys, turned to wave, and then turned back to the car. I opened the door so I could put my new Shop Hop bag on the passenger seat.

I wouldn’t have thought that there was that much frozen drink left in the cup. Maybe there was a portal to another source of it?

Today, my husband and I went to Northampton, so I got two more stamps on my Shop Hop passport.

On this trip, I made sure not to laugh at any chickens. My milkshake survived unscathed.

Last knitting journey


This past weekend, I went to a cousin’s wonderful wedding. There was a lot of being a passenger, so I managed to finish the knitting. Today, with the assistance of many streaming episodes on, I finished binding off. It’s amazing how much longer the edge seemed when being bound off than when being knitted.

I need to fix up an area where I had to drop an extra stitch (by pulling the extra yarn into the nearby stitches), weave in ends, and block.

Camping sock


I got a little bit of sock done while on a camping trip. (It was rather rainy, so there was a lot of playing card games inside the tent and reading.)

There’s a lot of driving this weekend, so it might actually be finished soon!

Something else blue

yarn and beads

I’ve finished the body and sleeves of the Afghans for Afghans sweater; all that’s left is the bands, collar, and finishing. I don’t want to work on the bands until I’ve bought the buttons or zipper, so I’m suddenly without a blue project.

My next project is going to be Cheer Me Up in this yarn with these beads. I’m looking forward to a beaded knit.

Seven skeins

More sweater!

It’s been a busy week. I had meetings all day at school, was taking a compressed undergrad class (one semester in one week!) and cleaning for the arrival of my in-laws. Not much knitting got done. Most of this was actually done today or yesterday, while we were visiting.

The beads for my beaded shawl arrived today. I’m looking forward to starting it.

Six skeins

And here’s the sweater after skein six was finished:

IMG 0004

I ended up going to a PawSox game last night, and almost ran out of yarn, what with the two hour drive each way to the ballpark now. Luckily, though, I was so tired I fell asleep while riding home instead of running out of yarn.


IMG 3964

Ravelry Link Angel of Music

Pattern: Spinning Angel from Angels: A Knitter’s Dozen

Yarn: Crochet cotton

Needles: size 0 dpns

Size: One size (about three inches tall)

Modifications: She is singing Handel’s Messiah instead of spinning. Her skirt is a little drum-farthingale shaped because of how I blocked her.

I should have ironed it

This morning, because it was so hot, I got out one of my lightweight lawn dresses. It was a little rumpled from winter storage, but I put it on without ironing. It was too hot, and I was just going to put on a choir robe over it anyway.

Of course, we ended up not wearing robes because of the heat.

In about twenty-four hours yesterday and today I knitted just short of a full ball of yarn.

Most of a sweater!

The sweater is now in the ribbing. I hope to finish that soon and start the sleeves.

Full day

The Summer Sweater this morning:

Summer sweater

I almost got through an entire ball of yarn today. I’m now just about to start the ribbing. (I’ve knit slightly more than what the pattern calls for.)