Monthly Archives: April 2013


A lot of car time will get a bunch of sock done:

IMG 0713

(Sadly, it wasn’t exciting driving; it’s just a long drive to get errands done.) Most of it is definitely since Europe.

On Friday evening, we went to a Tim Eriksen concert (I got an inch in then.) He’s a local artist (he shops at the same Whole Foods as we do!) and does shape not and other similar styles of singing. His percussionist was playing a cymbal with a violin bow for a few songs, which produced a really spooky and chilling noise.

Traveling again

So, I basically stopped working on Traveling Woman after coming back from Italy in Summer 2011. I’d stopped partway through the second row of the third repeat.

IMG 3960

I just got back from a trip to Italy, and I am now on the final chart. I would have gotten even farther if I hadn’t looked down and realized, on the plane home, that I’d made a mistake (a misplaced yarnover) on the plane from the airport. I had to drop back about twenty rows of one motif and work the whole section back up.

Here’s hoping I can get this finished before my next trip abroad! (None is planned.)

More knitting

Here’s the toe of the second Princess Sock:

IMG 0705

I hope that I can finish it over break.

Hard to knit

I’ve started my second sock and am working on the last section of the Starry Starry.

The Angel of Music is harder to knit.

IMG 0704

The pattern is written well. The stitches aren’t difficult. It’s just that I’m knitting this to send with a letter to someone who was really important in my life and retired recently. As long as the angel’s not done, I don’t write the letter, and part of me can still pretend she hasn’t retired and things are still going on as they were.

I should knit on the angel more, but not tonight.


So, I had a meeting yesterday that, what with the drive and all, tends to afford opportunities for fiber crafts. We’ve added a quilter to our numbers!

Since I’m lucky enough to be able to ride along with someone else, I finished the knitting on my first Princess sock:


I was talking to Caleb today about what I needed to do , and I said that I had to “bind off the top of my sock.” He thought I said “bite off the head of my sock” and thought I was going to, as the climax to a guitar solo, whip out a small sock puppet and bite off its head, like a knitting Ozzy Osbourne. He was relieved to hear that I meant finishing the top of the sock.



I’ve been working on this scarf, and the end is in sight!

It most definitely is a bright scarf.

I’m starting to think about what I should do once I’m finished it. I’m thinking about the Invisibility Shawl in my Graceful Place. It’s fun to daydream about what to knit.