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Finished Object: Striped March Snow Day Mittens


Ravelry Link: March Snow Day Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in pink and black

Needles: Size 4 dps

Size: These are the child medium, for ages 5-7.

Amount of yarn used: 42 g.

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks, a while back.

Modifications: The usual bits to tighten up picked up stitches. Cuff not lengthened.

Thoughts: I usually try to do a pair of mittens on a snow day. This was our fifth snow day this year, so there have been a lot of mittens. I’m actually running low on my worsted weight wool for mittens.

More snow

Well, it’s another snow day at one of my jobs. I think that this is the fifth for me this winter, if you count hurricanes.

mitten yarn

I’ve cast on another pair of mittens. I’m out of whole skeins of worsted weight yarn now, what with the many snow days this year, so these will be striped.

Afghans for Afghans is having a sweater drive due in early Summer. I think I may see about trying to get things straightened out to do one.

Back from the conference

Well, I had my big annual conference. There was a panel that I got together that included people from three very different phases of my life. It was really fun getting them all together and talking about Latin.

In between workshops and selling books, I got some knitting done.


I turned the heel on the sock and started the leg while at the conference. I’d originally started out with a 3×1 ribbing, but switched to a 2×2 this morning.

I’m looking forward to Easter, I have to say. March hasn’t been bad, but it’s been very long and full. I’m hoping to kick back and knit for a while in April.



The snow is melting, but there’s still a lot left.

It’s a busy time at work- my teaching job just finished a trimester, and my other main job is also in a busy period. This coming week, I have my big annual conference, where I’m giving a workshop and leading a panel. It’s been busy around here.

On the way to the hike this week (Peaked Mountain), though, I was able to start the heel on a sock.

Photo 1

It’s odd- I don’t have a project I’m absolutely on fire to start once I finish up what I have on the needles now. I have stuff I like and want to start, but noting I’m having to fight to keep from throwing over my current projects for.

(Although Nori does look sort of pretty…)

New socks

Unfortunately, some of my older pairs of socks have shrunk slightly. (It’s either that or they were always a little too short, but I had powered through.)

Some of these are ones with sentimental value (my Crazy Woman socks!) or ones that I knit during memorable periods of my life. Especially oddly, a lot of them are pink. (I tend to alternate pink and red sock phases.)

So, I’d been working on these socks for a while. Last weekend, my father-in-law was visiting and we went to the Montague Bookmill (“Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find”) and the Paleontology museum in Amherst, so I got a lot more done.

sock toe