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Well, I’ve knitted three pairs of mittens this year. I do knit other things occasionally.

This is my Starry Starry; it’s now got enough stitches that I don’t have to fight the knitting around the curves of the needle.

I think that I may stop going for the aggressively rainbow yarns after this for a while.

Spring break was short; I got to see one of my cousins, which was fun. I was also working a lot at my other job and for some professional things, which made most of it not feel like a break. I did get to curl up with knitting and the rest of season 3 of Downton Abbey, which was good.

Finished Second Snowday Mittens

IMG 0666
Ravelry Link Second Snowday Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes

Needles: Size 4 dps

Size: These are the child medium, for ages 5-7. (The Nemo Mittens fit my two sample seven year olds.

Amount of yarn used: 42 g.

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks, a while back.

Modifications: The usual bits to tighten up picked up stitches and a longer cuff.

Thoughts: I usually try to do a pair of mittens on a snow day. I’m caught up now, unless Monday is another snow day…

Nemo Mittens


Ravelry Link Nemo Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: Peruvian Highland from Elann

Needles: Size 4 dps

Size: These are the child medium, for ages 5-7. My gauge was 5.5 spi, rather than the 6 spi called for. I’ll be asking someone to try them on a seven year old child, but I think they look big enough.

Amount of yarn used: 38 g.

Source of Yarn: Elann, a while back.

Modifications: Just the usual bits to tighten up picked up stitches.

Thoughts: I usually try to do a pair of mittens on a snow day. These were for Friday, and I’ll be casting on another pair for today’s snow day.

Finished Mondo Cable

Mondo Cable

Ravelry Link: Mondo Cable

Pattern: Mondo Cable Cardigan

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted

Needles: US 8 needles (dpn and circular)

Size: 36

Amount of yarn used: Just short of five skeins.

Source of Yarn: Polliwog’s at Rhinebeck

Modifications: I added in the button holes all the way down as was suggested here:

Thoughts: I was amazed at how quickly the finishing went. The collar did take a while, but the band was knit in one and there was nothing else beyond weaving in ends.

(I decided I’m not going to get any lighter pictures in sweater-wearing season.)

One thing finished, one thing started

I finished the Mondo Cable. I washed it last night, and it was mostly dry this morning, so I ironed the ribbings and sewed on the buttons. I wore it to church and really like it. (Although it turned out to be damper than I had thought.) It’s looser than I usually make my sweaters, but it’s nice.

Mondo Cable

Unfortunately, as you can see, black cables in February don’t really photograph clearly, no matter how good the photographer is. I’ll try to get one in heavily raking light for the official finished post.

I’ve started on a new project- it’s a little lace sculpture for an old friend. This is part of it, but I won’t show the whole thing until it’s sent to the recipient. It’s an interesting difference from other things I’ve been working on as well.

Angel arms