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IMG 0610

It’s hard to get a clear picture of a black cabled sweater in the winter, especially when the collar construction means the needles are at a strange angle.

I’ve not gotten to do a lot of knitting this past week; there was an unbloggable thing going on that took more time and mental energy than usual. I did, though, finally finish the sleeve and start on the collar, which is knit on around the neck rather than up and down. It’s a neat way of doing it.

Here’s hoping that things will be calmer and allow for more knitting in the coming weeks.

Second sleeve


I’m coming along on my Mondo Cable. The second sleeve just seems to be taking a lot longer than the first did.

New Year Mittens

Two purple mittens

Ravelry Link New Year Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style in Iris

Needles: Size 4 dpns

Size: Children’s Large

Amount of yarn used: 48 g

Source of Yarn: Knitpicks, long, long ago.

Modifications: Just the usual of adding stitches to be decreased away in joins for a smoother line.

Thoughts: I was having a hard time with the second mitten, which seemed to be going very slowly. Then, while I was at my volunteer job and knitting, I counted and realized I was working it over 48 stitches instead of 40. Dropping back down to the proper number meant I restarted it a little before eight on Thursday and, despite not much knitting time, finished it on Saturday night.

Stash cleanout

I’m reading the Webs 31 Days to get Organized series, and it’s finally inspired me to tackle my stash.

I’ve thrown away yarn (a six inch piece of Kureyon isn’t going to be useful). I’ve ripped out projects that I decided I wasn’t going to finish (Icarus, the Samus Aran that I was working on on my trip to Russia in 2005).

I also found a Rockstar (Koigu and Fun Fur) scarf that had apparently seemed like an awesome idea back when I was working at the coffee shop.

UploadedImage medium2 png

The Fun Fur did not age well, so I’m ripping it out and planning to make a Kernel. Happily, I’d carried the yarn up the side instead of cutting, so it was fast to rip.

New year

IMG 3843

As we came home from Christmas this year, Caleb drove and I knitted a cardigan with a cable in Lamb’s Pride. A strange sense of deja vu back to this year’s trip home from Thanksgiving and last year’s trip home from Christmas came over me.

I’ve cast on a pair of mittens in a vigorous shade of lavender in hopes that I’ll have a first finished object of 2013 pretty soon.

IMG 3835

Here’s hoping that 2013 retains all of the good things of 2012 and replaces all of the bad parts.