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The weather and the knitting

I have the bands knitted for the Central Park Hoodie and am setting the first sleeve. All that’s left are sewing up the second sleeve, sewing in the second sleeve, weaving in the ends, and sewing on the buttons that I finally got.

Because of the hurricane, I don’t have school tomorrow. I may yet finish this by the end of October!

(From here, I’ll let myself move on to the sweater that I bought yarn for at Rhinebeck.)


IMG 3734

My mother and I wore matching Kauni sweaters on the first day.

Must knit even faster…

It’s getting cold here, and, because I weeded my clothes to get rid of things I wear rarely, I had three warmth layer choices: a ratty black fleece I’ve been wearing for at least three years (probably six), my college hoodie (fraying at the cuffs and not appropriate for school), and my fisherman sweater (which doesn’t play well with my habit of leaning against whiteboards while I teach). (I also have my Rosedale and Kauni, but they’re not exactly the most versatile pieces.)

I bought a fleece that isn’t fraying at the cuffs and going bald at the elbows, and am frantically working on finishing CPH. Unfortunately, I was thwarted in my attempt to buy buttons before Columbus Day. I also managed to pick up stitches on the buttonhole band side before the button band side, which sets my teeth on end.

Last night, though, I marked the buttonholes and made them (The Original One Row Buttonhole (Horizontal) on p. 116 of The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques (Yes, I know that this isn’t the nicest buttonhole in the history of the world, but it had been a long and unpleasant day, and my carer was broken.)

Someday, I’ll finish my warm sweaters in September.

Not matching on purpose

IMG 3731

These socks are shocking.

This is the first pair of non-matching socks I’ve ever made. From my first pair, I worked to make sure that they matched. With these, since the first one stopped far enough along that the not matching should be obvious (I hope), I just gritted my teeth and knitted on.

I’m not a not matching kind of girl.

I think that I may use this yarn for my next pair of socks:


No pattern, nothing to match. Ahh.

Look, I Made a Hat

IMG 3726

Ravelry LinkCrooked Paths Hat

Pattern: Crooked Paths

madelinetosh tosh dk

Needles: US 7, both circular and dp

Size: One size

Amount of yarn used: 66 g

Source of Yarn: Christmas present

Modifications: None

Thoughts: A much more stylish hat than my old one.

(Leave a comment if you get the reference.)

Three provinces in five months

IMG 3711

This past weekend, the husband and I were at a wedding for one of his cousins in Vancouver. It’s a glorious city. This made three different provinces of Canada in five months.

We flew out right after I finished school on Friday and flew back on the redeye on Sunday night.

IMG 3728

I was able to use that plane time to get a bunch of knitting done. The Starry Starry is really coming along; I was able to switch it from using two needles to doing a magic loop on one.

Gray and cloudy skies do not help with jet lag.