Monthly Archives: June 2012

Good and bad news

Juno Regina bad news:

I found an unintentional shortrow two rows back. Ripping.

Juno Regina good news:

I realized that this is knit on size four needles, and so was able to unknit onto my luscious Signature needles.

Finished Mittens


Ravelry Link Red and Blue Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: Left over worsted from a hat for Caleb and some red.

Needles: Size 4 dps

Size: Children’s Large (the middle size on the pattern)

Amount of yarn used: 54 g. The navy blue is just about finished.

Source of Yarn: Leftovers.

Modifications: Longer cuffs, extra stitches at thumb fork and wrist to make gaps smaller.

More shawl, good food

There was more passenging this past week, so I was able to get a chunk more of Juno done:

Doubled shawl

I’m up to 57″ now, so it’s just 9″ more until the pattern starts again. It looks like I managed to do that in about a month, so maybe I’ll actually be able to get to the pattern this summer. Wednesday will be the shawl’s third birthday, but I don’t think I’ll have finished it by then.

Saturday was a superlative food day. We started out with Thesis Muffins (no frosting and melting the butter instead of creaming it). Right before lunch, we picked up our CSA (kale, garlic, beets, greens, lettuce, cilantro, broccoli, and eggs from chickens that were wandering the parking lot). Lunch was the second best banh mi I’ve ever had (and so close to the CSA pickup!). Dinner was fish tacos (the best fish we’ve had in at least a year) from a mashup of two recipes (we sous vided the fish and then warmed it with a marinade of olive oil, lime juice, adobo, and a few other things I forget). Dessert was strawberries I’d bought at the farmers’ market on Thursday with freshly whipped cream.

Cursed sock

Is it possible for one sock of a pair to be cursed?

The second In The Dark sock needed all those toes. I then carefully followed the heel instructions, but ended up with many too few stitches to start the cuff. I patiently ripped out the cuff and raveled back the extra decreases. I reknit the bit before the ribbing and ribbed along happily. As I was knitting happily along in the car in the dark on the way home from our tenth reunion, I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I recounted the stitches in the ribbing, and found just 60.

Third time’s the charm again:


This week

Transit of Venus

I got to see the Transit of Venus again on Tuesday. Because it was cloudy, there weren’t very many people at the observatory. (This picture is of a projection; Venus is the small dot at the top, and the freckles are sunspots. The telescope was also hooked up to a VCR; this was the first time I’d seen a VCR in operation since 2007.)

In knitting news, I couldn’t work any more on Juno Regina because the yarn had gotten so tangled.

My eighth grade homeroom teacher (who had also been my seventh grade art teacher) used to tell us that, in her cultural heritage, a bride-elect had to sit down with her prospective mother-in-law and untangle a skein of thread, never swearing or cutting the thread.

I ended up watching A Scandal in Belgravia and trying to untangle it. I didn’t swear or cut the yarn, but I did break it in a few places. (It had felted to itself a little.)