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July Afghans for Afghans

Afghans for Afghans has a new campaign, with a due date in July.

IMG 3538

Ravelry Link Romantic Ruby Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted in Romantic Ruby (leftover from a sweater I made myself in 2002-2005.)

Needles: 4 dpns

Size: Children’s Large (middle size)

Amount of yarn used: 62 g/~126 yards. There was about a single yard left over,

Source of Yarn: Cloverhill Yarn Shop

Modifications: Made cuff deeper.

Thoughts: I love this pattern.


Over the weekend, Caleb and I went to Montreal. We had banh mi, bagels, doughnuts, a croque monsieur, and all sorts of other delicious things. A highlight of the trip was our invention of the concept of ‘second breakfast’ and ‘third breakfast.’

croque monsieur

St-Viateur bagel

When we left Canada, the customs official asked us why we had gone to Montreal. Caleb told him it was for tourism, and, when asked what we did, told the inspector “Well, mostly we ate.”

It wasn’t all eating, though; we did a lot of wandering around the city as well. On our first day, which included the drive from our house, we walked 27,332 steps. The second was 26,432, and our last was 19,165. We also went to the archaeological museum and did lots of people-watching.

It was really interesting to see the difference in how the Francophone and English sources covered the student protests. We saw a lot of people with red squares and one night protest marched by our hotel, but that was the extent of what we saw.

I got a lot of knitting done on the way there and back; I’m at 53.5 inches now. That’s about eight and a half inches, which is nice. I have about twelve and a half left until I get to the patterned end.

Still knitting

I am still knitting; it’s just at a point where working on Juno Regina doesn’t show much visible progress. Forty-seven inches (the current length) just doesn’t look that different from 46 or 40.

Two socks, four toes.

Knit knit knit.

Rip rip rip.

Knit knit knit.

Rip rip rip.

Knit knit knit.


Sock and toe

On Tuesday, I knit three different toes to get the colors to line up correctly. It’s an evening of knitting, but years of wearing. (Some of my handknit socks are ten years old now.)