Monthly Archives: January 2012

Finished Kauni

IMG 3380

Ravelry Link

Pattern: Kauni Cardiagan

Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 in rainbow

Needles: 6

Size: Small

Amount of yarn used: 311 g.

Source of Yarn: Webs, an order split with my mom.

Modifications: None, really.

Thoughts: Well, one of my friends referred to it as ‘the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.’ Another winces and asks if I’m really going to wear it. At church, though, I got a bunch of compliments on it. It’s nice having something bright and cheerful.
This was also my first steeked project. I’m not sure how often I’ll use them in the future, but it’s a nice skill to have.
Also, in less than a month, I’ve finished two projects!

Finished Richard Shindell Mittens

Red mittens

Ravelry Link: Richard Shindell Mittens

Pattern: Classic Mittens

Yarn: KnitPicks Merino

Needles: green size 4 dps

Size: Children’s Large

Amount of yarn used: 47 g.

Source of Yarn:KnitPicks

Modifications: Picked up extra stitches at thumb to knit with hand stitches and smooth the gap.

Thoughts: In case it’s not obvious, I really like these mittens.

Coming along

Well, in a stunning and surprising turn of events, it’s cold here. Right now, we’re finally up to 11 F (-12 C). Yesterday had a low of 4 F (-16 C). Caleb bought a face mask on Sunday, and, when I saw that the average low for the rest of the month is 13 F, I ordered one this morning.

When we saw my family for Christmas, my mom delivered three pairs of mittens that she’d knit for Afghans for Afghans. (Their next due date is in mid-February). I finally wove in the ends this morning, as well as weaving in the ends on a pair of mittens I’d worked on while the car had a five hour appointment on Friday. (All’s well.)

I also washed Kauni today. It’s patted out to dry, and I hope to get the sewing parts done this week.

Hello again.

Knitting around here (except for an AfA mitten I worked on at the Richard Shindell concert Sunday night) has just about ground to a halt.


Dominion: Intrigue.

Caleb and I had fallen into a routine where he would watch footie (or we’d both watch The Daily Show/The Colbert Report/30 Rock) and I’d knit while reading or sort of watching. Dominion, though, has thrown that off. Instead, we’re playing in a very cutthroat manner, unleashing Saboteurs and Swindlers, trying to buy the most Harems. It’s lots of fun.

Still, I did manage to finish up the front bands on Kauni. Now I need to cut the front steek, weave in the ends, and sew on the buttons. It should be wearable soon!

Happy New Year!

toe of sock

The sock, surprisingly enough, turned out to have the same colors as the yarn did. I like the blue toe tip; it reminds me of the toe of the first pair of socks I ever knit. I really like the colors too.

The MA Department of Conservation and Recreation encouraged First Day hikes, so Caleb and I ended up going on a nice one in the area. It felt good to be out there again; we haven’t really gone hiking since the October snowstorm. Here’s hoping that we’ll get enough snow here to go snowshoeing as well.