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Pawtucket Pink Socks?

Well, the socks survived the heel trauma pretty well.

I brought them along to the baseball game that Caleb and I went to on Memorial Day (PawSox v. Norfolk Tides).

Socks don’t photograph too well against a bright background.

They show up better against my dress:

This may be the loudest picture I’ve posted on my blog. Yes, my dress has a print of baseball helmets circa 2004. The Orioles helmet is placed over my heart.

I tried to get a picture of us, but it came out rather MySpace:
MySpace shot of Caleb and Lydia

A fun afternoon together, and I got a lot of knitting done.

Don’t try a new heel after a long day…

Friday was a busy day. It was my last day of classes, which can be sort of emotionally intense. On a more practical matter, it was a big due date day, which brought a lot of grading.

When I came home, I changed my clothes, painted my toenails lavender (Confetti Nail Polish Belle of the Ball, my new favorite [It gives me zombie toes!]), and then went to a party for my husband’s work.

This was the sock right after the party:


After that, I went on to turning the heel. This is the Fleegle heel, and I had some trouble with it at first. I pressed on, though, and thought I really liked it; it ended up being a really pretty, interesting, different heel.

This is the heel this morning, as we went to Trader Joe’s, when realization hit. I couldn’t figure out why I had under 40 stitches on a 64 stitch sock.

It turns out that it’s very important to do the knit one or purl one after working together the heel stitch with the gusset stitch.


(Edited to add link to nail polish.)

Happy sweater


I’ve been working on the Kauni sweater. It’s cold, damp, and gray (Providence in the Spring!), so having a lap full of wool is nice.

One of my friends asked about the sweater and said that it was the ugliest thing she’d ever seen. I like the colors; it makes me happy. I think that having the red in it will make it pop more as well.

Finished Hug

Pink lace scarf

Ravelry Link:

Pattern: Cat’s Paw Scarf.

Yarn: Peppermint (9355) Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud.

Needles: Size four needles, started on old ones, and then moved to my lovely Signatures.

Size: Goal was 8×60.

Amount of yarn used: Just under a skein; about 400 yards.

Source of Yarn: My mom.

Modifications: I used the pattern in the link, but resized it.

Thoughts: It was a lovely piece, and the yarn was great. I even got to break out my blocking wires for the first time!

No Letter of the alphabet

It’s amazing how much faster four repeats are when they’re the last four repeats.

I finished the Hug, washed it, blocked it, and packed it. No pictures until it arrives for its new owner. I even used my blocking wires for the first time!

I started working on my Kauni sweater again; Mom is breezing along on hers, and, since I’m spending two months in Rome, I feel I should work on the sweater if I’m goign to have ti done for Rhinebeck.


The problem with knitting and grading is that I keep translating the percent completed into grades. I have an A- in knitting the Hug.

The weather has been glorious here recently, but I’ve got a bad cold.

In other news, I’m watching “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Netflix. It makes me remember going to see it in New York in 1995, and seeing Victoria Clark (my favorite Broadway actress) as Smitty. It’s amazing how different different versions of the same work can be.

(Also, Mom- Victoria Clark is playing Maggie Smith in Sister Act on Broadway. Road Trip?)